I Love Seattle, Part 3

Gosh I have such a great best friend. Aren’t you jealous? This is what happens when I was busy flipping my paddleboard over and getting rescued by some poor stranger kayak men.

Cute…reallllll cute, Aleeza

Until next time, Seattle. Don’t keep my best friend too long, otherwise I’ll have to come back very soon.



out of whack

Summer is my favorite season. Ever. Period. If I lived somewhere where it was 80+ degrees everyday then every season would be my favorite season.


With my summers tend to come little less structure, which I completely enjoy to the fullest. Some Tuesdays feel like Saturdays and some Fridays feel like Wednesdays, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This ‘little less structure’ also allow me to do silly things like run 15 miles on any given Thursday.

A couple of weeks ago, I was beating myself up because I had set a goal to run 15 miles that week and my body was not feeling it at all. This made me realize that while goals are important to have, I am not a failure or less of a person for not achieving them exactly when I want to. Reality check! I/we are only human!  Adversity in my life also tends to make me stronger; I can be hard headed and stubborn (thanks mom’s side of the family) and when faced with a challenge, we take the bull by the horns.

This past Thursday I did it though, I set a new personal distance record of running 15 miles. Let me say that it wasn’t all the fireworks and tears I had imagined, but was done. And I am going to be brutally honest here…after mile 8 I was no longer entertained by the idea of running 7 more miles. Needless to say, I will not be revisiting a run longer than 13.1 miles until I begin my marathon training program.

After nearly three hours of sweat, hills, cramps, water and cyclists yelling out, “How long are you going to be out here?!” (yes, this did happen) the 15 miles was mine. It was not cute.

Summer has messed up my running schedule that’s for sure. In the past (also on a structured training plan), I would be out the door at 6am for however many miles and call it good! Now I find myself moseying out the door at noon for an afternoon jaunt around town, or running barefoot in the rain at 9am any given day  or taking my pup out for a few miles when I just want to be outside. How could you even try to say no to this face?

If you do try to resist, she will lick you, nuzzle you and not leave your side until she sees her hot pink harness which means she is getting her way and going for a run.

As a side note, maybe I wouldn’t be putting off my runs until the afternoon hours if I wasn’t up late on Skype and booking plane tickets to Seattle to see my best friend in 16 days!! I have never been to Seattle and I miss her precious face

Word cannot convey my excitement! I also hope I still have a best friend after this post.

I love you Aleeza. You’re welcome.