what I’m pumped about

Thank you Kansas for the best day I think we will be seeing all summer. 85 with a slight breeze…warm enough to sit outside and not have a puddle of sweat under your seat in five minutes. That’s what I call perfect. Now I just need to find somewhere to move where the weather is like this everyday…suggestions?


In the midst of summer, this is my current obsession:

See I’m trying to consume less aspartame soda by not keeping it in the house, so this is my substitution. Limes, water and Stevia (aka won’t give me cancer). When I run out of limes, I add in oranges, strawberries or any other random fruit I might have. So good.

This also came in the mail today

New yoga mat…to motivate me to do more yoga? Actually I just prefer to keep my bodily germs to myself. To each their own. You’re welcome yoga classmates. The yoga mat had a travel companion…

Wanna know what’s even better? The backpack and yoga mat were like gifts from my gym, because I’m such an awesome gym member, you know they’re big and corporate and can do things like that.

Hm…this backpack will look great in the overhead compartment of the plane I’ll be on next month en route to Seattle!!! I’m paying my super smart and amazing best friend Aleeza a visit while she’s there for her internship. Her internship with Microsoft. Working on the Xbox.

Yes, that’s right all you gamers out there. My best friend, a girl, is spending her whole entire summer away from me working on making the Xbox better for you. You are welcome.


What’s a girl to do when she doesn’t have her best friend? Um…run 15 miles? Why should you care? You really don’t have to. I’ve never ran more than 14 in my life, and since tomorrow will be the coolest day Kansas may see for the next three months, I might as well do it or die doing it. So my goal for tomorrow: set a personal distance record of running 15 miles. Mostly just to prove to myself that there is a glimmer of hope for me to actually run a marathon. Did I mention that tomorrow is my day off?


Q: What do you do on your days off? Anything ridiculous like me?