2012 Goal Check

After a crazy last couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the goals that I set five months ago–has it really been that long?! This year really is flying by which makes me sad but I also love it, because this year has been cramazing (crazy + amazing) so far!

1. Run 4 marathons in 4 different states

The original plan was to do Little Rock in Arkansas (check), Omaha in September, Chicago in October, and Dallas White Rock in December. But since when do any of my original plans work? Right, never. What I thought was going to be conflicting my ability to run Omaha in September is no longer a conflict, so that race could still happen, even though it’s two weeks before Chicago. I am already registered and definitely running the Chicago Marathon in October, but I hadn’t planned on winning a free entry to the Med City Marathon next month! Where there’s a will there’s a way, and my way to run a marathon in Minnesota was made out for me, so naturally my will is following. Does that make sense? I also haven’t shared but I was given a free entry to run the Waddell and Reed Kansas City Marathon this year! This race is in October, two weeks after Chicago. I hadn’t originally planned to run this one either, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a free marathon entry. I know this marathon will be special to me for a few reasons–it’s just a couple of days after my birthday, it will be the 3rd anniversary of my first half marathon which was on this course! Thank you Kansas City Sports Commission! As for Dallas, it’s like that race will still happen, but time will tell. My baseline goal for this year was 4 marathons in 4 states and I know that’s going to happen, anything above that will be extra special!

2. Run a 50k or other ultramarathon
This is still on track to happen in November! The North Face Endurance Challenge will return once again this year, and I’m planning on making this my first 50k! 50k…that’s far. Let’s not think about it right now. Moving along…
3. Become a certified personal trainer 
This isn’t happening this year, and I’m okay with that because something better has happened! Two months ago I got my acceptance letter from the Community Health program at the University of Kansas and proceeded to happy dance for hours! Graduating college is something that I have always wanted for myself but wasn’t always sure how it would happen (financial reasons mostly, and me not wanting to get neck-deep into debt), so it was a goal I kind of pushed aside. I think that’s what happens to a lot of us– something seems too big and not possible, so we kind of brush it under the rug. Thankfully, God pushed my dreams right back in front of me and is making my way to get to them as I type this. I’ll be the first person in my family to graduate college, it is something I have had to work very hard for, and I’ll keep working until I walk down the hill with a diploma in hand.
4. Run a marathon to raise money for a great cause
 I had the bright idea to raise money for the organization I actually volunteer for…DUH!!!! Ha! I can’t believe it took such a long thought process, but I am running the Chicago Marathon as a SoleMate for Girls on the Run! Be on the lookout for my fundraising which I’ll start to publicize VERY soon!
5. Be more financially responsible
 Surprisingly, I have been doing quite well with this. I’ve learned tips from people and mentors who are very financially savvy, and with proper monthly budgeting, keeping all receipts, tracking my spending, and reconciling at the end of each month…it has been a worthwhile process.
This year has also included things I didn’t expect; surgery, a 44-mile relay, many half marathons, my best friend (will be) moving to Texas, getting a lovely visit from a sweet friend next month, skydiving (next month!)…and who knows what else will happen! I can’t wait to find out!

3 thoughts on “2012 Goal Check

  1. I was just thinking about the NFEC race in November today! Since I didn’t get into the NYC marathon I was trying to think of another marathon to run in November. Last year after the marathon I decided to go for the 50k if they had it at any other time of year besides August… I mentioned that in my post race comments, low and behold the listened to me (or probably everyone else who thought it was way too hot) and changed the time of year. Long story short, there is a good chance I’m going to follow through with my crazy decision last year and run the 50k. Now I just have to figure out which marathon to run in October as a training run!

      • I did KC and STL last year. I’m signed up for the 1/2 in both races now, but they both fall on the same weekend. I’m thinking about bumping STL up to the full, but I really want to find a full on another weekend within a decent driving distance.

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