Not Created Equal

This is a quick post, but I had to get it out. Not all runs are created equal. No matter if you have been running for 5 weeks or 15 years, you’re gonna have some runs that aren’t so great.

Lately, all of my runs have been awesome, whether they are 5 or 15 miles, and it’s been great, so it was basically due my time for a less than stellar run. This morning when I woke up to run it was thundering and there was a chance of storms, so I moved my 10-miler to the treadmill at the gym. I’ve had no problem long running it on the treadmill in the past, but today was different.

Let me vent:

  • The gym was hotter than normal, talking like 75 degrees inside with no fans or vents on at all (I use the same treadmill every time because there is always a vent that spews cool air periodically). Nope. Not today sucker!
  • I was dripping sweat two miles in and the first two miles felt like I had been running for an hour.
  • I could not establish a groove for the life of me, the whole first half of the run I was trying to ‘get in it’ and it just wasn’t happening.
  • Mentally, I wanted to give up. I probably tried talking myself out of the second half of the run at least three times. Excuses, I was trying to excuse myself. Honestly though, it was mentally TOUGH, and I have no clue why.
  • My legs were feeling dead, pooping out on me, and not wanting to cooperate.
  • Acid reflux. Last night I covered my grilled chicken in Sriracha which was a great idea at the time, but this morning for miles 0-5.65 I was burping like nobody’s business, and everything after mile 5.66 I was trying to not puke.

That is my vent and end of crappy attitude for the day. I’m glad I finished, nothing worth having comes easily, if it was easy then everyone else would be doing it, I’m stronger because of it, enter every motivational quote or saying you can find.

Basically, sometimes things just suck, but that doesn’t mean you give up or quit. Too often it’s easy to throw in the towel because ‘it’s harrrrrrd’ wah wah wah. Take some cheese with your wine and go sit in the corner sulking because something was hard. See how far you get with that. In times like these you’ve just gotta put on your big girl panties and muscle through it, and make yourself awesome.

Have a good Thursday friends, and go water your own grass.


3 thoughts on “Not Created Equal

  1. I had a run just like that yesterday, except 3 miles shorter. I always am more proud of my hard runs than my easy runs. Sure, the distance may not be as far, but if I manage to stick to my original distance despite the fact that the run isn’t great, I feel more accomplished for not giving up.

    There must be a lack of a/c epidemic going on in gyms around KC. It was sweltering when i worked out yesterday!

    • Plus those harder runs help make us mentally stronger, and I’m really starting to think that running is like 90% mental and 10% physical some days haha!

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