Believe In Yourself

This is something that I feel is said a lot, but often times people who say it don’t actually get it, if you know what I mean.

Growing up, kids are told that they can do anything they set their mind to. Parents, grandparents, teachers, any adult will tell a kid they can do anything they want, but what happens when that kid grows up and experiences some of life and it’s realities, is it still possible to do anything their heart desires?

Of course it is. But how? You have to convince yourself first.

Today I went on a 10-mile run with a friend, who was running his first double-digit distance ever, and four miles farther than his previous personal distance record of 6 miles. He’s training for his first half marathon next month and we made the plans to do this run together because I knew that it would be a challenge.

For me, it was an experience because I had to mentally prepare on his behalf, thinking back to the days where anything more than four miles was scary, and put myself in his shoes so I could keep his spirits up during this seemingly daunting task. He reminded me of how badly we can get into our own heads and how our mentalities can tear us down because we let them do so too easily. It took a constant flow of motivation and reminding him that he COULD complete this run and that he was strong and capable enough to do work on that run.

This got me to thinking of why people don’t chase after their dreams with all they have, and how much fear is able to hold people back from accomplishing anything they desire. It is way too easy and excusable to welcome defeat with open arms and settle. Just settle. Settle down, get comfortable, and brush those ambitions under the rug because they weren’t easy to attain.

I for one, know that our minds are the most powerful things in the world and we can be our own worst enemy or our own biggest fans simply by what thoughts we allow to flood our minds. My friend here that I was running with, would mention how hard the run is, when it was still early on. I had to cut him off right there–I knew that just by him speaking out that this run would be difficult, it would be difficult because he was telling himself it was. We can convince ourselves up and down of anything we want, be it positive or negative. This really motivated me to keep the positive words flowing because I knew that if he was mentally convinced he could run ten miles, then he’d be able to.

He just had to believe.

It’s taken a lot of work on my part to make the choice to think positively, not only with running but in a vast majority of life situations. I have had so many runs where I would develop a poor attitude, thoughts, and feelings about myself and would have to snap myself out of it because when you’re feeling that pathetic, it doesn’t help you at all when you’ve gotta be with your own bad attitude for miles on end.

If I didn’t learn to make the choice to think positively, there is no way on God’s green earth that I would have been able to run a couple of marathons, and handfuls of half marathons. There’s no way I would be dreaming of running a marathon in every state, wanting to raise money for charities, and get my story out for other to hear so that just maybe, just maybe, I could impact a few lives.

It’s all in our heads, and all you have to do is believe in yourself. Convince yourself of your success, and very soon, your success will be staring you right in the face and taking you places you never dreamed possible.


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