Life is Good

Last week I was riding on the marathon high through the end of the week, which I didn’t get after Route 66, but I loved it. My heart has been so touched by all of the amazing, kind, and encouraging words I have gotten from so many people. YOU all are awesome!

Usually it is recommended that runners take one day off per mile of whatever distance raced, so three weeks to 26 days off of hard running after a marathon. Last week I took Monday completely off, and went for a 2-mile shake out jog with a friend on my favorite trails. By Wednesday my pain had subsided for the most part even though my legs felt a little tired. On Thursday morning I met a friend at the gym and was able to get in a 6 mile speed session before 7am, which I’d call a success!

I’m not sure what it is, but I just haven’t been able to sit still! Even though I’m not running a marathon again until September, I really do want to make relatively high mileage weeks a regular thing for me to help build my endurance and speed, essentially making it a ‘normal’ thing for me. The fitness level I am currently at is something I have worked hard to build up and absolutely do not want to (and will not) let go down the crapper.

My desire to workout recently has been more intense than I have ever had in my life, I have seriously been looking for excuses to run, sometimes even twice a day! The rest of my off week last week also included some cross training, walking and Zumba!

On Saturday I got to volunteer at a race instead of running it! The local St. Patrick’s Day Run (always a week before St. Patrick’s day!) was the first race I volunteered at two years ago, just a month before my first race. I wanted to see what this race atmosphere was all about back in 2010, and last year I ran in this race, but didn’t want to run this year so I lent my helping hands.

I love everything running and volunteering made me appreciate all the hard work people put into races even more than I did before! Even if you aren’t a runner, you can still give your time to your local running community because I can assure you, there is no such thing as too many volunteers! It took a small village to put on this race, and I can’t imagine how many volunteer hours it takes to put into a marathon!

There is now only a month until my first of four half marathons for April-May and this week is when I’ll really start focusing on more speed work in the weeks leading up to Rock the Parkway. Since this week is also my spring break (which is a joke since my class that requires the most time is online…), I’ll actually have time to invest in making a solid speed plan. Ultimately, I just want to get my body used to running shorter distances at a faster pace that I know I can maintain.

I almost forgot to mention…if you ever want an awesome workout, go pole dancing. Yes it sounds raunchy and possibly a bit inappropriate, but this past Saturday we finally made it to a pole dancing class for my best friend’s belated birthday celebration!

Pole Worx is near the West Bottoms in Kansas City and it’s a fitness studio offering pole dancing, chair dancing, Balates (ballet+Pilates) plus many other classes only for women! You can also book birthday, bachelorette, etc. parties; there were five of us and we each paid $20 for an hour long class which proved to be a good deal!

Our instructor wasn’t necessarily a great instructor, but it was obvious she had been dancing for a long time and definitely knew her stuff. Or maybe it was just that none of us were very good on the pole? Regardless, we had a ton of fun. We learned different spins such as the ‘firefighter,’ ‘martini,’ and ‘the Demi Moore.’ Oh and how to go upside down which is a whole different story.

Aleeza was pretty much a natural.

Also, it’s Monday and I’ve gotten more sore over time since we took this class Saturday night. I now have a huge respect for women who can do this type of dancing because the physical fitness, poise, and grace to do something like this and do it well takes a lot of hard work. My legs and knees are bruised from falling, I can’t lift my arms over my head because they’re so sore, my abs are sore, and there are muscles in my quads that I didn’t know existed. It was my kind of workout.

Thank goodness we didn’t dance in those shoes, because I’m positive that would have resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

No more pole dancing for me this week though, I’m sticking to running and Zumba. Oh and shopping. That counts as a workout, right??

This post was all over the place, as is my brain. Forgive me and have a FANTASTIC Monday!!!




One thought on “Life is Good

  1. Sounds like someone has marathon fever! Volunteering at a race is (almost) better than running the race sometimes! Anddd it usually involves a free shirt. But I always try to thank the volunteers when I’m racing because I know how much time goes into an event!

    Oh, and those pole dancing pics? Scandalous. To say the least. Lovess!!

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