Jump Around!

Guess who can jump pain-free?? Yup, this girl!

As I mentioned, every morning this past week I have been giving myself the ‘jump test’: if I could jump up and down without feeling any pain, that would be the sign that I would let myself run that day. Yesterday I had high hopes for passing the test as soon as my feet hit the floor, but that’s not exactly how it went. I waited and hung around a while after waking up, then later in the morning (after hearing about many of my friends’ awesome runs), I decided to jump again. The only pain I really felt was from my incisions which have been bugging me all week, so I gave myself permission to try and run. The deal was, that if I felt ANY bit of pain at all related to my intestines/gallbladder removal/kidneys (yes…I can feel this kind of stuff!) that I would turn around and go home.

First, it was so awesome suiting up in my running clothes again…to actually run in. I felt like I was back at home in my sports bra, running skirt, workout top, arm sleeves and ear warmers. I was also taken back to what it felt like when I first started running–WEIRD! My legs didn’t quite remember what they were supposed to do!

I started the run in a slow shuffle, nearly tripping due to my great shuffling skills. My hips were like, ‘Whattttt?’ Yes, I felt discomfort, but because I hadn’t run in 11 days. It was also chilly and I forgot how to breathe and I wish I was kidding. The first three miles were spent alternating between not breathing, gasping for air, and trying a breathing technique that made me sound like I was with child in labor. Note: when running, breathe in your nose and out your mouth, in a slow, controlled fashion. Just make sure you actually remember to breathe, unlike some people.

Eventually, my body remembered how to run, yet I felt like the entire time it was yelling at me, “Whyyyyyyyy?!?!?! OH the agony!!!!” Ha. I am half kidding and would be a liar if I said completing those five miles was easy peasy. BUT despite the discomfort, it was so worth it. Afterwards I felt amazing, sore, happy, and like myself again. I have mentioned it before, but I feel most like myself when I run; it’s hard to explain but sometimes the best things in life are things you can’t explain with words.

On Thursday I saw one of my doctors regarding my kidney infection (which my body is still fighting, according to my white blood cell count) and though she knows me all too well, slightly scolded me for going on a walk and bike ride. After explaining that I was near going insane from lack of activity and fresh air, she forgave me. We chatted more, she looked at my incisions, chatted some more (she’s a fellow runner), then came the moment of truth. I asked, “Well………………..what about Little Rock?”

I am not stupid and if my doctor told me I could risk serious complications from running a marathon 18 days after surgery and 15 days after getting a kidney infection, I probably wouldn’t run it. I would rather run 100 marathons later in life than run 1 marathon right now and get myself in deep health trouble for who knows how long.

The verdict is in……and I’m cleared! There are conditions to this agreement from my doctor though and these are the rules:

  • take this week VERY easy
  • finish my antibiotic for the kidney infection
  • stay well hydrated all week, basically just drink water from dusk til dawn
  • take lots of potty breaks on the way down to Little Rock
  • stop at every water station along the course to hydrate (I do this anyways)

After finding this all out, I honestly think I am happier and more excited to be running this marathon than I was my first one. It probably has something to do with that ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ kind of things. Not being able to run made me love it even more, is that possible??

I am not expecting to be able to pull out a PR next Sunday or anything like that, but I am totally dedicating this race to being thankful. Thankful to be alive, healthy, running, and loving life. That is all this race is going to be about and I am going to love every minute of it.

This week is going to be great– I’m SO looking forward to getting back in the groove of things. Monday I’ll be doing an easy-paced 45 minute run with a pal training for his first half marathon (!!!!), Tuesday will be ZUMBA, Wednesday I hope to do 3-4 miles, and Friday will be an easy 2-3. Heeding my doctor’s advice though, if I have any pain/discomfort/problems I solemnly swear to lay off. Thursday is a rest day and includes another doctor’s visit, and Saturday will be a rest day because we’ll be driving to Little Rock!

Have a great afternoon, friends! See ya later!

PS. I can’t wait to be in this atmosphere again next week!!!



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