Coping Mechanisms

How does a runner cope with not being able to run? By doing absolutely whatever she can that has the tiniest relation to running. That’s what I’ve been doing at least. I never realized how ‘go-go-go’ I am until I was slapped in the face with not being able to do anything. Well anything as compared with my  typical schedule.

Everyone has been reminding me to not rush my recovery which I have found surprisingly difficult, and each day is different. Some days are up ( like today) but some are down, yesterday was a pretty down day. Not being able to do what is normal for me such as spending a lot of time working out, running, and being around people I love just about got the best of me.

Instead of letting the debbie downers drag me down, I spent today thinking of all of the great things I have been able to do, without hardly doing anything. Does that make sense? Basically, here is how this runner has been coping with not being able to run.

1. I bought more running skirts. Send help. Thank goodness that I should be able to get back to life soon, otherwise my bank account would be depleted in about three weeks due to excessive running apparel purchases.

I hope I love this Adidas skirt as much as I love the other ones that I have!

I like that this one is a different color and all flouncy 🙂

2. I’m also waiting on the neon green compression socks that I decided to order…yes I did it. There’s a 98% chance that they will be involved in my outfit for Little Rock–and considering it looks as though there is a chance for rain that weekend, the black shirt may definitely be IN. I have no plans in letting people see my sports bra, especially in a marathon.

3. Moving! I can’t drive because of the medicine I’m taking, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use my feet, though I’m still needing to take it easy. Yesterday I went walking for 40 minutes but was sore afterwards. This is not normal for me. Today I took the Schwinn for a spin, and it was SO much fun. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was on a bike before today and was surprised I didn’t fall, though I came close.

You better believe if I can fall while running then I will come thisclose to falling off a bike. This bike ride caused me to realized two things, 1) I miss running. I would rather run up a hill than ride up one. 2) Cyclists are smart because you can cover more miles in less time than running, and you typically go a lot faster riding than running. But I will stick with running, thanks.

4. Reading about running! From other blogs, books, Runner’s World, the Facebook page for Little Rock…basically if I have done anything to have running on my mind.

5. Wearing running shirts/clothes/shoes around the house. You probably think this is weird, and it probably is. But deep down I feel like if I’m wearing running my running clothes and shoes, I will heal faster. Right? Right…?

6. Watching my hair grow. Okay I haven’t been THAT bored, but I thought it was funny. Though I am actually trying to grow my hair as long as I can because in December I’m hoping to have enough to donate to Locks of Love! I have plans to run the Dallas White Rock Marathon at the end of the year and Locks of Love is one of the big charity partners this year, so I’ll be chopping my hair off so lots of wigs can be made for some amazing people!

Until I can run again, every morning when I wake up I have been doing the ‘jump test.’ If I can jump up and down without it hurting, that is the day that I will run. I haven’t had that day yet, but am hoping it is SOON.

This break period has been a true test of character, as I was thinking on my ride today. I didn’t expect things/this month/training to happen this way, but when do things ever happen as we expect them? In my case: never.

Still staying positive though and tomorrow is Friday!!!! Happy almost weekend to us!


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