A Runner’s Rambles

1. Yesterday I ran 22 miles. On the treadmill. People may wonder how I am not brain dead by now, and I don’t blame them. I’ve wondered this myself. The first 13 miles were fantastic actually, I felt like I could have ran all day. Then I had a gallbladder attack, then my feet started to hurt, then I got pissed, then I turned into a zombie and just kept running.

2. Pole dancing was rescheduled from tonight because my awesome best friend had to go to Texas to interview for a job that she realllllllly wants, and since that job is not in the art of dancing on a structure that resembles that of a pole, our plans were postponed. There will still be lots of pictures when it happens, no worries.

3. I used to make fun of people who wore running skirts, but I am completely converted

They are the best things to run in EVER! I’m so much of a convert that I recently purchased this one to add to the collection:

and literally, very literally, just purchased these two which I am hoping will be at my door on Monday morning:

I think I have developed such a liking for running in skirts for several reasons

  • I feel like a girl in them which is the first thing I need when I’m sweating like a man while running for 4 hours
  • My thighs are bigger than my waist when it comes to bottom sizes, so shorts that fit in the waist are tight in the thighs and make me feel all uncomfortable. Running in a skirt alleviates that because I am freeeeeee
  • Running skirts are freaking cute
  • I don’t chafe in skirts, need I say more?

4. Slutty Brownies, anyone? Seriously, who thinks of this stuff?

5. I think that if people who wanted to hunt deer became runners they would have a lot more luck actually killing deer instead of by sitting perched up in a treehouse in the woods.  I kid you not while out on the trails last week, I came across over 16 white tails and have seen many bucks out there too. You know what they do when I run by? Stand there and stare at me. I even said hi and waved at one while I passed it. Running really does make you crazy.

6. I have not had frozen yogurt since before Thanksgiving. This is a sad, sad, world record. Let’s have a moment of silence.

7. Does anyone want to go with me to have pre-surgery froyo this weekend? Please?

8. Instead of froyo I have been eating a lot of salads and vegetables and things that are healthy for me. I also discovered this bread and shall never buy any other kind of bread ever again because there is no way it will be half as good as this stuff is.

All I am really really really looking forward to this weekend is a morning workout with a gal pal and hopefully some frozen yogurt…I hope you have more to look forward to than I do 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Runner’s Rambles

  1. I gave into the running skirt love after my first day on Couch 2 5k when I started running a couple years ago. I hate how shorts right up on me! Those skirts are super cute! I’m pretty brand loyal with my running skirts, but I love those!

    • I agree! Plus skirts also hide the less toned parts of my inner thighs, haha! What brand do you like? I’ve been an Adidas lover so far but am totally open to other brands 🙂 I do tend to stick with Asics shoes and Nike and Under Armour tops though

      • I have to wear runningskirt.com skirts. They are on the pricy side, but they have some good sales from time to time. I stock up when I can because I love them! I’m not so brand loyal with tops, but I have to wear mizuno shoes. It’s funny how brand loyal I am about running clothes because I can’t think of anything else in my life that I am brand loyal to. I’m usually good with whatever is cheapest!

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