Here and There

Gosh, it is hard (and exciting!) to believe that January is already over! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind fast forwarding through February and straight into March.

I hope those of you runners out there have continued to play it safe. I was pleasantly surprised with the great feedback I got from that post–it is so important for all of us to look out for ourselves.

That being said, it dawned on my yesterday that I haven’t mentioned much of my training as I did when I was training for Tulsa. Maybe because my first marathon was a big deal (as it should be) or the fact that this month has been overwhelmingly, awesomely busy and active, but no worries, training has been happening.

Um sorry, but if I’m going to pay money to run 26.2 miles, I’m going to make it worth it and have some dignity crossing the finish line.

Look! I can run with my eyes closed and nostrils flared! 

I have been tracking my workouts for this training cycle on DailyMile, not necessarily the time spent running or whatever, but mostly just the distance because the numbers make me feel better about myself?

I was comparing my recent numbers to my old weekly mileage and was wondering why it seemed like I wasn’t running as much…because I’m not, duh. I forgot that halfway through training last fall I was hating my life and not having time for anything but running, so I scaled my training back to three days a week and started enjoying life again, as it should be enjoyed!

For the most part, my long runs are still on Thursdays, with 5-10 miles on the other two days I run. I really just run however far I feel like, except on my long runs. Because I would be lying if I ever said I ‘felt’ like running anything more than 16 miles. Last week I moved my 18-miler to Saturday which was a nice change of pace, it was also nice not being on the dreadmill for a long run. I still haven’t been wearing a watch while I run, and still have been a baby when it comes to the cold, windy weather.

I will say though that I kept a rough estimate of how long it took me to run the 18 on Saturday and I will credit my speed to either: 1) wanting to be out of the cold so I ran 18 miles at my half marathon pace (read: 1:30 per mile average faster than my marathon pace…) or 2) running on the treadmill has helped make me faster because I run at a faster pace on that machine than I do when left to my own on the road.

This means I’m definitely hoping to set a PR in Little Rock in 30 days.

Oh and another reason I’m looking forward to March? I bought tickets last week to see this sexy man on St. Patrick’s Day…eeeeep!


Yes, please, thank you and amen.


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