Welcome to My Blog

You think your Google searches are weird?

One thing that I get a kick out of are the searches that lead people to my blog–here are some of the strangest ones I’ve seen, along with my responses.

  1. Fitness woman– I will take this as a compliment, thank you.
  2. Chubby Chinese baby– They are adorable and no I don’t have any
  3. My pants are already unbuckled– Um, unbuckled for what, might I ask?
  4. Sinless cake batter– Does this exist? When you find it please call me.
  5. Treadmill hogs at the gym– Yes those people are rude. Especially the ones who run 20 miles on them or whatever. Just plain rude.
  6. Ate tacobell woke up with aching abdomen– Don’t eat Taco Bell, I think that’s what you get. I am sorry.
  7. Sexy girl running hot– HA! You are at the wrong blog for that.
  8. Runner poops while running-This has not happened to me yet, but if it ever does, the blog will be the first place I share it. I have no shame.
  9. Slacking in bed images– Interpret this as you will. I don’t know what you’re speaking of.
  10. Riding up shows my nutsboxer shorts blog– I am genuinely sorry for you. This would be a good time for a possible revaluation of your undergarments.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. I went to check my google hits after this, but none of mine were quite as amusing. Mine are mostly Disney running hits. I think yours are way better, and maybe you can turn some people on to running when they click on your blog;)

  2. I think if you ever expand on this healthy eating/running/fitness stuff, you have a strong calling in the comedic arts. 😀
    I already avoid Taco Bell like the artery-clogging/intestinal evil that it is, and when I compose myself, I am definitely going to re-evaluate my undergarments!!!

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