My Life on Crack

Do you ever have those days where you couldn’t tell anyone a single detail of what happened that day because so much was going on that it all was kind of a blur? That’s about how my past several days have been. These days haven’t been wasted that’s for sure, but looking back, I’m kind of like, “Wait, what happened again?”

Getting into the swing of things this year has been a change, there’s no doubt about that. Extra busy-ness at work, trying to make the most of time and marathon training again has left me in a whirlwind. I can’t complain though; it’s in these times that I thrive and am most productive it seems.

I also am fully enjoying the incredibly mild winter we have been having….seriously, we have had average highs in the 50’s since December with NO SNOW! I’m pretty sure my prayers have been answered. But for long run Thursday this week, the high is supposed to be 26. What gives?

Last Thursday for my 12-miler I started off my in standard running skirt, Nike tank, arm warmers, ear warmers and gloves and about 4 miles in I had stripped off everything but my tank and skirt. I sweat a lot and I think the temperature was well into the 50’s at this point, then an old couple who thought they were funny said to me as I passed by, “Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun on spring? Ha-ha-ha.” Not funny, old people, not funny. If you were running and not sitting on a bench by the stream you would probably be a little warmer.

Want to know something else that’s funny? I’m clumsy, very clumsy…it’s in my genes. Thanks, Mom. Yesterday I was out for a 5-mile run and it was cold, so naturally, I ran faster than I normally do. This was the first time I’ve ran with a watch in a LONG time and I was happily surprised to see I was consistently holding a 9:00-9:30 pace the whole time (yes that is fast for me…I am slow. I know this). As I was turning into my neighborhood, I don’t know if I was just tired or what but as I slowed down, I tripped over a raised crack in the ground. I ended up in the street with a skinned left knee, scraped and bruised right thigh, a skinned right elbow, and my gloves both ripped to shreds. I sat up in the street and thought, “OUCH,” but got up immediately because I didn’t want anyone to see or think there was actually something wrong with me, and I continued the jog home and couldn’t help but thinking, “Kelsey, did that seriously just happen??” I haven’t skinned my knees or elbows since I was a kid and felt like a huge dork. Running is a simple motion, putting one foot in front of the other and I still manage to get hurt and make myself look like a goof.

For the record, I have now tripped while running, gotten pooped on by a bird while running, and had an altercation with a vehicle while running. Good track record I have going on here. If you want to know my secrets of being awesome at running I will be happy to divulge details so that you too, can reach my level of awesome.

I need help.

Also, since I don’t really do the whole multiple posts in one day kind of thing (lately it hasn’t even been multiple posts in one week which I HATE and will be changing as soon as I get my crap together…aka now), I will be writing a follow up to this post entitled, Marathon Training on Crack. No, I’m not on drugs. I just want to get in the habit of posting about my training at least once a week like I did for my first marathon. Training is on crack because I’m running a marathon in 53 days. Yessssss.

Keep it real, friends. Happy Tuesday!



4 thoughts on “My Life on Crack

  1. You ARE awesome. And, funny. Thank you for the laugh! Ah, seeing your snow-covered pants cracked me up so much I was jogging on the inside!
    When you’re not making me laugh, you’re inspiring me to be kinder, more understanding or to get up off my butt and accomplish something! Thank you. mwah!

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