Hello 2012!

Here we are four days into the new year and I am finally able to sit and write a post! If this week is any indicator to how my year will be…I think I might love it! 2011 was a great year and so much happened, but I (almost) always welcome change with open arms.

Of course with the new year comes resolutions to last an average of 23 days.

Last year I didn’t make a single resolution, goal, ambition, anything. I detested 2010 and was happy to see it gone forever, and knew anything 2011 had in store would be better. Much to my surprise, 2011 rocked my world…it really was a year that changed my life.

I think that I developed a quality last year that I haven’t had since I was younger, the desire to want more. To be better, stronger, faster, and greater than whatever I had done prior. This has become applicable to all areas of my life, I want to volunteer more, run more, and grow more and so on. This leads me to my goals for this year, it’s time to grow and make some great stuff happen!

Goals for 2012

1. Run 4 marathons in 4 different states
I have a long term goal of running a marathon in all 50 states by the time I am thirty which scares me because it’s something I could potentially fail at, but am going for it anyways. In March I will be running the Little Rock Marathon in Arkansas and in April I will be running the Oz Marathon here in my hometown in Kansas. Later this year I possibly like to run the Omaha Marathon (Nebraska) in September and the Dallas White Rock Marathon (Texas) in December. The later races are ones I have tentatively planned, and I would love to find a fifth state to knock out this year as well. 2.

2. Run a 50k or other ultramarathon
Last August, the North Face Endurance Challenge presented Kansas City with a 50k (32 mile) road race and I am hoping and praying it comes back this year. If not, I want to find another ultra to run by the year’s end.
3. Become a certified personal trainer 
It’s obvious that I have a passion for health, fitness and nutrition and want to begin to see what other opportunities can become available through that. This month I am purchasing materials for either the ACE or NASM programs and would like to be certified by the end of the summer. I would eventually love to become a running coach or have my own business.
4. Run a marathon to raise money for a great cause
I am hoping that this will happen at the Oz Marathon in April–the main reason why I am planning on doing that race is in hopes to raise money to benefit someone/a cause. There are so many people that I would love to run in honor of and organizations that I know I can raise money for, it’s just that I need to pick one and get on it. Please keep a lookout for something regarding me raising money for _____? If you don’t see anything, hunt me down and kick my butt. Full permission is granted.
5. Be more financially responsible
This is the least fun, but possibly one of the most important goals. Last year I did okay financially, with budgeting and saving but I know I can do MUCH better, more notably with being organized in my finances. This goal is entirely personal, just something I need to hold myself accountable for and get done.
Of course I have smaller goals that I will incorporate into these major ones, but these are the goals I am looking to achieve in the next 361 days. Some of them scare me and I don’t know how they will all happen, but you know what they say…
“If your dreams don’t scare you then you’re not dreaming big enough.”
What are your goals for 2012? Please share!!!

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