Goodbye 2011!

The past few days have been a time of serious reflection on this past year. This time last year I was so happy that 2010 was over because honestly, it’s not a year that I will ever miss. But 2011 on the other hand…if someone had told me on New Year’s Eve last year what the coming year had in store for me, I would have laughed at them.

I feel so immensely blessed to have the year that I did. It exceeded my wildest dreams and expectations, leaving me wanting more out of myself and life than I have ever wanted before. With the blessings came trials and periods of growth, but we know those make the good things so much sweeter.

This is my life, and I love it. I have never been this happy and excited about life as I am right now, and I only hope with the coming year that this zest and vigor continues to grow.

Last year I didn’t set goals or resolutions because I wanted whatever the year had in store for me, which included

Quality KU basketball watching with my momma

My 2nd-5th half marathons

Started going to a new church which has completely changed me inside and out

Spent lots of quality time with my family

I traveled near, far, high and low

I saw my best friend while she was in Seattle

and together we explored the Pacific Northwest

and became closer than we ever have in our eight years of friendship

I got uncomfortable

and even ran my first marathon

2011, you far exceeded anything I could dream, but in turn, have bigger dreams for 2012. I’ll share those with you later, but now I want to relish in how incredibly amazing this year has been, as well as all of the people in it. I have grown friendships and cultivated so many new friends in this year and I love each one of you SO much, I’ve had experiences (some good, some bad) that are making me into the person I am becoming. I have learned, loved and lost. 2011 was crazy and amazing, and such an incredible year.

With that being said, 2011, it’s time to say goodbye. The memories will last forever, but 2012 is coming and it’s my time to thrive.

Have a FUN and AWESOME New Year’s!



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