I’m a Streaker

No, not that kind of streaking, gosh! More of a workout streak of sorts. Typically, I workout 4-5 days a week, with a day of rest in between workouts because that’s what I like. Last week I was pretty sick (read: left bed only for necessities) and slept in longer increments than I have ever slept in my life. Come Wednesday and Thursday nights, sleep was hard to carry out because I had been snoozing most of the week.

Friday night I woke up at 5, drank some tea, and was going to try to go back to sleep. My body would not have it and I knew there was no way I could sleep more. The lightbulb in my brain went off and immediately I knew that I was having trouble sleeping because I had only worked out once last week (on Monday)…it was a huge duh moment for me when I realized how much working out actually helps me sleep. So for the first time in many months, I was on my way to the gym before 6am to hit the treadmill for 5 miles. All I wanted to do for the rest of Friday was sleep. Then comes Saturday morning, Christmas Eve…and I am up again at 5am. I knew that entire day would be dedicated to baking and eating food that is not high on the nutritional value chart, so again, I trucked to the gym before 6am for another sweat sesh.

Pause. How was your Christmas Eve and Christmas? Mine was completely wonderful and I loved spending the time with my family. This Christmas was different than what we normally do; we had a Feliz Navidad Fiesta for dinner on Christmas Eve and also opened presents instead of waiting until Christmas morning. I enjoyed this especially because I was able to sleep in past 10am on Christmas morning. My mom is a great fiesta-maker. Call her if you ever need the best queso ever

Dear Mom, please don't hate me for this 🙂

We only got a couple of good snapshots from the night because we were busy dipping our night away and opening presents, as a good Christmas Eve should be!

I also found out that you can get a really cool picture of your Christmas tree while someone bumps into your elbow mid photograph

Tell me this is not so cool

Sadly, Christmas came and now it is over…I never like this week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I don’t know why but it’s always one of those ‘awkward weeks.’ Now back to the topic of streaking.

Sunday was another dippy, snacky, sugary, family filled day. It also happened to be in the 50’s on Christmas day and I will take that over a white Christmas ANY time! Since it was so nice out, I took it upon myself to go for a 3.5 mile walk to burn off some excess calories and make extra room in my stomach for more good food. This was day three of working out in a row. Who am I?

Monday morning I woke up and was pretty sure I had stored away enough food to not have to eat until summer, and Monday night I went to Zumba off all of those dips and cookies. Then Tuesday morning, Zumba is a regular thing for me. As much as I wanted to stay asleep, I made myself go and am glad I did…girl worked hard! It’s always a fun workout to shake your booty and pretend you’re a backup dancer for Pitbull or something. Right….right?

So there was my five day workout streak and I cannot remember the last time I ever did that. Yes, I train for marathons but no, I do not workout for almost a week in a row, I like my rest days. Today is definitely a rest day, but tomorrow I’m going out on one of my last non obligated trail runs because the weather is supposed to be amazing and I start training for marathon #2 next week.

I’ll be sharing my training adventures with you as I did for my first marathon, but this one will be different because I completely made my training myself and I’m doing things a little different this time, including the fact that this training is half a long as my training for Tulsa was (praise the Lord on high). I’ll go into that later this week or early next week.

Are you doing anything fun for New Year’s Eve? Can you eve BELIEVE it’s almost 2012??? What are some of your goals for the new year?


One thought on “I’m a Streaker

  1. Ooh, those chocolate chip-mint cookies were sooooo good! Hey, there was spinach in that one dip – that’s healthy right?! More! More!!

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