Post Marathon Life

I wish post marathon life was as exciting as pre-marathon life, but it has been kind of regular. The thought of posting has crossed my mind about three times in the past week, but I obviously haven’t done anything with those thoughts, until now.

For three days after the marathon I was walking like I had some serious problems but also experienced something I didn’t expect, I was THIRSTY. My body was clearly telling me I needed to rehydrate. The day afterwards I was with some friends and jokingly mentioned that I wished I had a pitcher of water…and the next thing I knew our server had brought me a pitcher of water. Complete with a straw.

How kind, sir. How kind.

Back in September I booked a tour at the Boulevard Brewery for post-marathon happenings because I knew I would be bored without all of that running. And what’s better than to be a tourist in your own city?
















It was fun, cute, and the brew masters were incredibly nice. If you live in or ever visit the KC area I would highly recommend you take part in this tour!

Then there was Thanksgiving. I hope yours was enjoyable and that you ate a lot. I didn’t eat near as much pie as I anticipated, but instead ate my fair share of this:

Oh mahh gahh. That stuff went straight to my hips, but that is the best cornbread dressing ever. I’m pretty sure I could eat that forever and be okay. Actually I would be okay, but my pants would not.

Did you go Black Friday shopping? Whoever says running marathons is dangerous obviously denies the news reports from Black Friday. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard of grandma’s getting pepper sprayed during marathons. Speaking of grandma’s, mine visited, and my dog loves her more than me

Oh work, I’ve been doing that too since my funds were depleted from not working a lot while marathon training. Oops. Never mind the fact that I need these funds for races this spring.

Then there is healthy eating. So long are the days of turkey leftovers and getting to eat carbs before long runs. Return are the days of vegetables, eggs, scant carbs and no refined sugars. This is what works for me. I hope you are better off with more carbs than I am. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to carbs. and sugar. and fat.


Today I am making my return to the gym. This workout is going to suck the most because it’s my first hard workout since the marathon, I just keep telling myself that this is as bad as it’s going to get. I have also noticed it’s SO hard for me to find motivation to run when it’s 17 degrees outside in the morning which is why I keep signing up for races. Otherwise I would be

Maybe after this workout I will feel back to my normal self, I can only hope. It’s about time that I get in this Christmas spirit thing, workout thing, and getting ready for spring races thing.

Question: would you ever buy a Forever Lazy?


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