Route 66 Marathon: The Day Before

When is the marathon recap coming? Well here is part one, and the recap of the race will be LONG, you have been warned. 26 miles is a long time to run which is worthy of a long post.

The whole week before the race I wasn’t sleeping especially well; waking up randomly at 4am nearly every day, my nerves kept me tossing and turning. Friday night was no different; I slept relatively well but come Saturday morning my nerves were still eating at me. My stomach was in knots, there is no other way to describe it. Imagine jumping beans in your stomach for 12 hours. Regardless, it was time to pack and get out of town!

Conveniently, Tulsa is only about four hours away from where I live which I am very thankful for (especially on the drive back home). We rolled into Tulsa right on time, got checked into the hotel and Jen got comfy

and she is also a very talented poster maker. If you ever need someone to make a poster for you and cheer you on in a marathon, she is your girl!

But, I had to rudely interrupt and make sure we got to the expo before it closed to get my swag. Swag = race bib = necessary for Sunday to count.

The expo was pretty much what I expected. Another thing I expected was to register for another select race at a discounted price. Note: when you sign up for races at expos, you usually get some sort of discount/other incentives. Which race, might you ask?

Yes, I did actually sign up for another marathon before I had even ran my first. Am I crazy? Yes. But I need something to continue blogging about because normal life is not as exciting without running.

Anyways, the expo was fun, got my stuff, hung out and got out.

When I was picking up my race t-shirt, we had to show them our bibs so they could mark off that we had gotten our shirts. The people in front of my in line had half marathon bibs, which were red (full marathon bibs were blue) and at that moment, I seriously almost started crying. For the first time in my life I wasn’t running the half marathon, I was holding the bib that signified that one is ambitious, crazy, and determined…none of which had really hit me. Even at this point, I still didn’t believe that I was running a marathon. I kept repeating it sporadically, but it wasn’t sinking in.

After the expo we met up with one of my Tulsa friends for dinner for my perfect pre-race meal: a big huge salad bar at Jason’s Deli. I couldn’t even stomach all the salad I wanted to because my stomach started jumping again; what was up with this??

We spent the rest of the night hanging out in the hotel and I was trying to keep myself calm. After laying down I tossed and turned for two hours before falling asleep, then woke up every hour from 2am-6am wondering if it was time to run a marathon yet. Sure enough, the morning came and it was time to run my first marathon.

Next up: Route 66 Marathon: Race Day


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