The past four months have all led up to tomorrow, I can’t believe that in less than 24 hours I will be running my first marathon.

Will someone pinch me please?!? I’m not sure when the reality of this will set it but it still hasn’t; maybe it will tonight when we get to Tulsa and I have my race bib or maybe not until I’m at mile 15 tomorrow morning, who knows! I have been pretty anxious/excited about this all week and am completely savoring every minute, because you only get your first marathon once.

I have never worked this hard for anything in my life.

And tomorrow I am ready to enjoy every moment of the race, whether it be good, bad or ugly. I also hope I don’t start crying (tears of joy) while running because I can’t run and cry because then I can’t breathe and start to hyperventilate. I think part of the excitement is that this is completely unchartered territory! Give me a half marathon and I’m your girl and will always have a good time, but a marathon? Yeah, still hasn’t sunk in. Though I did get my 26.2 sticker yesterday (for my car…I’m that runner) and seeing the number kind of hurt a little bit.

Here are my goals for tomorrow:

  1. Love every minute of that race and have an awesome time
  2. Cross the finish line
  3. Meet new people and chat while I run
  4. Don’t poop my pants

Next time I write a post I will be a marathoner…time to pack and hope I don’t forget anything!



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