Running With the Wind

I wish I could say I was running with the wind. I was running against it. All 25-33mph of it.

I wasn’t worried about my run today, 13 miles, whatever. It would take just over two hours which I was happy with since last week I was running forever. This is how irony works. Yesterday the Route 66 Marathon made a Facebook status asking for predictions for race day weather, and many people said they were guessing it would be windy. Why oh WHY did you make these comments, total strangers? Mother nature decided to have a little fun with this.

It was supposed to be rainy and crappy this morning like it was last night, and since I wasn’t running for all day, I started a little later than normal. The sun was shining, the trees were NOT blowing and though it seemed a little chilly, I figured it would all be good. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

2 miles in I was convinced I had made a terrible decision, plus it was taking forever to warm up. Warm…ha. Whatever that means.

4 miles later, I was practically talking myself out of the run. I wanted to QUIT. Yes I wanted to quit. Just because I run does not mean I never want to quit. The wind had bumped up to a nice 31mph (I checked the app on my phone…it was legit) and I was struggling to not get blown over. And my ear warmers had froze to my forehead because of all of my sweat glistening. Since I was mad and complaining, I began to take it out on my run. And I ran and I ran…basically pretending that I was a Kenyan. That’s funny, right?

Running into the wind is hard. You will have to blow snot rockets because your nose is running. Your eyes will water. You will get windburn on your face.

We can add this to the “List of things I never want to do again.”

This is also why I like running first thing in the morning. I can get all of my whining and complaining out of the way when I’m by myself so no one else has to deal with it. You are welcome. After I had finished I was convinced that the only thing that would have kept me warm on this run was a Carhartt

That was all.

ONE MORE THING. Ok I don’t post recipes or food really because my meals are not that exciting and probably not something you would want to eat or look at. But this was totally worthy of sharing. After the run I kind of wanted pumpkin but not much else, and wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I made a mishmash consisting of:

1 can of pumpkin
1tbsp of nut butter (Sunbutter is a new obsession)
dash of cinnamon
dash of Stevia
1/4c of Kashi Go Lean Crunch (because that was all I had left)

Microwave your pumpkin for like a minute, then add the PB (or whatever) until it get’s all melty, then stir in the cinnamon and Stevia (or sugar, whatever you like). Top with Kashi and an extra dollop of PB if you are crazy about nut butter like me.

Drooooool. Have a good afternoon, friends.


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