Marathon Training: Week 14

This. is. crazy! Is this really real? Like really going to happen? I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders after completing my last super long run of training on Thursday. It is slightly bittersweet; no more 3-5 hour long runs (oh, the agony!), no more stopping to have to refill my Camelbak on said long runs and the marathon is now just 20 days away.

All of this is so surreal right now. 14 weeks ago I was scared of running any distance over 14 miles, I still can’t believe I lived to tell about that long run on Thursday or how the soreness only lasted a couple of days, and I can’t believe that I’ve been training for nearly four months to be able to run for 5 hours. Call me crazy, please, because I feel like I am.

At this point, I’m beginning to collect so many emotions about all that has transpired over the past four months, so expect some heartfelt posts in the coming weeks. Sorry in advance, but it’s how I roll.

Let’s get back to reality. Typically I am a morning runner, but an 8 mile tempo run did not sound like how I wanted to start my Monday. Life happens, laundry piles up and I had to prioritize. Oh and bed was nice and warm and I didn’t really want to get out of it. Instead, I have spent my morning laundering running clothes so I don’t have to run naked (see, I am considerate of others…), planning for the week, fitting some studying in, and cooking some food for the week.

This afternoon I will be trying my luck at being an afternoon runner on the revolving wheel of death. In my opinion, tempo and speed work is better done on a dreadmill because if I want to give up/quit/stop running in turn, would flat on my face and suffer public humiliation.

Monday: 8 miles, tempo plus strength
Tuesday: 3 miles, easy
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 13 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 miles, supposedly easy

If your kids (or you) need a last minute Halloween costume for tonight, might I suggest this one?




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