Marathon Training: Week 13

Although I slacked on posting my training for last week, I did not slack on training…which is what really matters, right? This is my last really challenging week before I begin tapering, which also calls for my last really long long run.

Monday: Did 5 miles, I didn’t want to, but it happened
Tuesday: No Zumba sadly, but I got 3+ miles in plus some strength training
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: I have a goal of xx miles but you will hear about that when I actually complete it. To be honest I am scared out of my pants. I hope I don’t die. No, really. I hope I survive this.
Friday: Rest, stretch, maybe cry out of pain, who knows.
Saturday: Attempt 3 miles if my legs don’t hate me too much from Thursday.

Cheers to living to tell about my run tomorrow!


One thought on “Marathon Training: Week 13

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