Happy Weekend

How was your week? Was it crazy like mine? Hence the lack in entries! I was so busy that I didn’t even get to write about my week 12 of torture marathon training. Don’t worry, I wasn’t blogging about it because I was out running. Running in the cold.

We went from having an unusually warm fall to SMACK! Here’s-a-side-of-frost-and-28-degrees-on-Thursday-morning-have-fun-on-your-long-run-sucker! I was afraid I was going to freeze my boobies off. Thankfully my parents lovingly gave me a gift certificate to my favorite running store for my birthday and I was able to buy Zensah compression sleeves for my legs and those amazing Nike arm warmers. They totally did the trick.

Also, being too matchy matchy is not my thing, obviously. I figured that if any point during my run I got discouraged, I could just look down at my outfit and laugh. It worked.

Here are some ideas of fun things you can do this weekend…

Decorate a pumpkin! Because decorating is much safer than carving.

Make some Crayola art...or off brand crayon art if you don’t want to spend $4 extra on something just to melt it…

Be a good dog mom…unlike me

Make s’more cobbler. This is too easy and too good. Hands down the strangest recipe I am glad I have ever followed.

Make a tutu and spend time with your best friend. Then make her model it. I need to make a tutu-tutorial for you guys…

You could go run 18 miles. Wait, don’t do that. That’s a terrible idea.

How about looking ridiculous running a half marathon? That sounds fun.

Whatever you do this weekend, have FUN. And sorry these pictures are basically all iPhone pictures. Regular blogging will hopefully resume tomorrow or Monday. Along with my sanity.



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