The Great Skirt Debate

Ok, I used to make fun of running skirts, especially after this issue of Runner’s World came out:


I seriously think this woman looked ridiculous. I can barely match my normal clothes, let alone be that particular about my running clothes. Getting dressed for a run typically consists of me fumbling around without contacts in with no lights on, lucky to snag bottoms, a top and sports bra that don’t stink.

A while back, I developed a problem with my running shorts though. I sweat a lot, and during a long (hot) run, my shorts were literally dripping in sweat, chafing, riding up my lady parts, you get the idea. It sucked a lot, and for the remainder of the run I started thinking of what I could possibly wear to eliminate this issue and not die of heatstroke.

In my free time I like reading blogs, especially ones about running and food (obviously…) and SkinnyRunner had just reviewed this skirt and had a lot of good things to say. Since I’m a sucker, I decided to buy it. Remember this shopping post?

I liked the idea that it had the briefs built in and a nice pocket in the back; I wasn’t really fond of the idea of the skirts with compression shorts because I’ve had bad experiences with shorts+built in compression shorts in the past. Basically, I got the skirt and took it for a test run, and not going to lie…it was not as good as I hoped.

It was too low cut, a little too breezy and short enough that I was pretty sure I would be showing off my cheeks while running. No bueno. I held onto the skirt for about a week before I decided to return it.

But then something wonderful happened. When I was in Texas I hit up an awesome outlet shopping area; Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Nieman Marcus Last Call, Gap, Coach…it was fantastic. I wandered into the Adidas store and found my favorite running shorts, part of their Marathon 10 line (those black ones that I wear for every race…just check out the race tab to see for yourself). Then I found a skirt. A Marathon 10 skirt. I’m not a brand-loyalty type of girl but this line is amazing.

It has compression shorts, which I ended up loving (less potential cheekage), it is long enough to actually cover my cheeks, it does NOT ride low so my hips are fully encased and it is crazy comfortable. Just a quick swipe…ok layer…of body glide and it’s like running in a dream. Except in my dreams I don’t run, I eat cake. Because in real life I run, and don’t eat cake. Sad but true.

Needless to say, I’m a convert. Don’t knock something until you try it, running skirts included.


One thought on “The Great Skirt Debate

  1. I love what you said about your secont time on stimulock I laugh a lot and i show i to my hubby and i love when you said about you swet a lot after run thank you for been very honest and give me hope I dont need to lose to much but it was day mayb I will run but I don know where Idont know to much people around Overland Park so God Bless you very much!!

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