18 Things

18 is a lot, I know. But it’s how many miles I ran this morning which provided ample time for my thoughts to disperse out of my brain.

  1. Running skirts are dreamy and amazing and wonderful. I cannot believe I ever used to make fun of them. I will have a post for you soon about this in more detail.
  2. I am running an ultramarathon next year (ermm…probably)
  3. I refer to hills as ‘hells’ because that’s what they feel like
  4. Every time I get passed by a cyclist while running, I convince myself that I am an idiot and running is dumb because cyclists cover so much more distance in a fraction of the time
  5. To pass time while running 18 miles and to stave off boredom, I counted backwards from 500, then I did it again in sign language. Each time I messed up I made myself start over. Psychotic? Maybe. But it took my mind off of pain and discomfort for about 6 miles.
  6. Today I tested myself; I did not allow any potty stops for the whole run. And I didn’t wet or crap my pants…now if this could work for 26 miles…
  7. Oh, my marathon that I’m running, isn’t actually a marathon. It’s technically an ultra because am running 26.5 miles because I’m crazy. Not totally, this race offers a special thing called ‘Detour to the Center of the Universe,’ a landmark in Tulsa where apparently you can stand in this spot and you can hear an echo of your voice but no one else can. It’s sponsored by Michelob Ultra and they challenge runners to ‘Life Life to the Ultra.’ Clever, right?
  8. Running has made me learn to pay incredible attention to detail. I have a post for you about this too, regarding safety. I could tell you every single person I saw while running this morning and provide an accurate physical description. Just call me Harriet the Spy.
  9. I have almost mastered the art of texting and running. I feel terrible to admit this, in defense, see #8. I see a cracked iPhone in my future.
  10. I cannot believe the marathon is in FIVE WEEKS!!!!
  11. My legs didn’t hurt as bad as they did after my last 18 miler, however my knees are still shaking and I threw in a couple of miles in at goal race pace. Because I need to practice actually running at the pace I hope to sustain for five hours. I’m sure I will feel it tomorrow.
  12. My hips. Oh mercy. These ‘baby making hips’ (yes, someone once said that to me) are not good for running. I will fight this until the end of my life, or running life. Whichever comes first.
  13. Running today has left me completely spent. I haven’t felt this done after a run ever. Just stick a fork in me, please!
  14. I never feel like a runner, which makes me question my own theory: If you run you are a runner. Sometimes I feel like I’m well on the other side of crazy from being a runner. I’m just a girl out there with short legs, a long torso, Camelbak and more sweat than anyone would ever want in their life who is trying to run for ungodly amounts of time. That’s what I would call cray-cray.
  15. If I were to ever suffer a running injury, it wouldn’t be because of my IT band, a stress fracture or overtraining, it would probably be because I tripped on an acorn amidst a trail run or some other cool reason like that.
  16. A book that I’m going to write shall be entitled, “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Healthy Eating.” Because I like to eat healthy with as minimal effort possible.
  17. Runners can be lazy. Just because I run does not make me not lazy. In addition to #17, I always park as close to the store as I can, when it comes down to taking a nap or taking a shower, I’d take the nap, rest days are the best days of training and I would rather spend time Pinning than cleaning.
  18. I love life. Happy Friday ya’ll.

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