Marathon Training: Week 10

Last week was the first week of my revised training plan, and I kind of loved it! I knocked out 16 miles on Thursday vs Saturday and it was glorious, my run was enjoyable on Thursday, and my Saturday was even more enjoyable because I spent less than 1 hour running!

It’s also hard to believe that we are now in the double digits of training, which means there are only six weeks and three reallllly long runs to go, with the addition of a half marathon!

This week’s plan:
Today: 7 mile tempo run, 5 miles at goal pace
Tuesday: Zumba
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 18 miles, long run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4-5 miles, easy

Today’s workout was great; a reminder that I need to run faster sometimes. I have really been focusing on getting distance in more than time throughout training and I’m also afraid that I’ve lost a little bit of speed since that hasn’t been high on the list of running priorities. I ran the 5 miles today at goal half marathon pace (because that’s faster than marathon pace) in hopes that it will help me tune up for the KC Half Marathon in a couple of weeks, because I would really like to run it faster than I did last year.

I didn’t realize that my running would get slower with marathon training, but it’ makes sense. My body is doing what I am training it for, to run 26.2 miles, not a fast 13.1. I am humbled, nonetheless, but constantly grateful for all my body is allowing me to do.

What has your body done for you that you’re grateful for?


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