10 Things in October

Happy October! Though I am a summer girl at heart, I love this time of year! October is one of my favorite months, and here are ten things I am looking forward to this fall!

1. Cooler weather, obviously! I love not sweating the minute I step outside the door, and cooler temps = faster running!

2. The beautiful scenery

3. Waddell and Reed Kansas City Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon that I ran last year and I am SO excited to be running it again this year! It’s my half marathonaversary 😉

4. Carving pumpkins!

Except my pumpkins end up looking like this:


5. Sweater, boots and scarves, oh my! I am seriously trying, seriously trying, to get better at dressing myself. To look like a woman/female/girl. This includes: limiting wearing running/workout clothes only when in the act of running/working out. You don’t understand how hard this is for me; but deep down I really do believe that I have a speck of fashion comprehension hiding somewhere under my running tights.

6. The last of my long runs and beginning my marathon taper! I am so excited to finally be saying to myself that I’m running a marathon next month! This month’s long runs will consist of two 18 milers, 13 (KC half marathon), and a biggun at the end of the month. I’ll spill more details later once I convince myself of the last long run.

7. Vegetables of fall…yes I look forward to these kinds of things

8. Getting creative with some DIY home/art projects

9. Baking these for my birthday

10. Living and loving life; yes, I’m making that high on my list of priorities this month

What are you looking forward to in October??


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