Marathon Training: Week 9

This week has been a little different than weeks past, but that’s the way uh-huh I like it!

The half marathon was a nice break from my long runs but this week is the week where I start my completely revamped training! This is what it has looked like and is looking like:

Monday: 4 miles, trotted (to help get rid of some of the soreness from Sunday)
Tuesday: Zumba. My effort was subpar due to my brain reviewing formulas for the test I took directly after the class. Don’t dance and review chemical compounds; you’ll look stupid.
Wednesday: Rest…this has been strange for me, but I love rest days.
Thursday: 16 miles!
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7 miles, 5 at goal marathon pace…and I won’t be running forever on a Saturday, yippee!
Sunday: I might get a few miles in if I feel like it

I’m finally getting excited with training because races are coming up; I am running another half in just over two weeks and then the marathon is right around the corner from that! Let’s hope my sucky days of training are over…hope reallll hard


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