Marathon Training: Week 8

I have been waiting for this week for like…8 weeks.

I am halfway through marathon training, yessssss!!! I am also looking forward to this week as more of a ‘recovery week’ which I really need after that 20 miler on Saturday. I’m still sore and walking kind of funny, good thing my legs will have plenty of time to rest on the 8ish hour drive to Texas on Friday, where it is still summer:

This is what the week is looking like as far as training goes:

Today: 5 miles, I maintained a 10:00/mi pace which was good considering that is faster than my goal marathon pace and my legs were all kinds of sore
Tuesday: Zumba, my favorite day of the week!
Wednesday: 4-5 miles depending on how I feel
Thursday: 60 mins cycling, strength training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Heels, Hills and Him Half Marathon!

This will be my first out of state/metro area race and I’m so excited and slightly nervous! I am primarily going to Texas to visit my brother and some family, and figured that I might as well sign up for a race while I’m down there to ensure I get my training miles in (I’m not that motivated now, people. Who runs 13 miles on vacation? Not me, that’s who).

I also signed up for this race to break up the (gasp) monotony of long runs. I’m finally going to get a medal and cute shirt for this work! This is something I’ve done to help keep me motivated, but also to get back into the race mindset. I haven’t ran a half marathon since June and have been itching to get back in the game!

It’s all downhill from here folks!


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