4am is early

As if you didn’t know that! While you were probably in bed which is where you should be at 4am on a Saturday morning, I was having breakfast getting ready to head out the door for my run. 20 miles of run.

Last time I did a long run on a treadmill, it was terrible. I was somewhat weary about running 20 miles on a treadmill, but the weather men convinced me that it would be raining this morning. I am glad I paid attention. The normal time I start my runs (outside) is around 7-7:30 because the sun is up, had I done this today, I would have only made it through about 14 miles of my run before it started raining, and I don’t really do running in the rain. 20 miles was challenging by itself.

I was up and at em so early because I wanted to get to the gym when there wasn’t a lot of people and at least get a couple of hours in before it started to crowd up, and I didn’t want my run to last until the afternoon. Here is my run in numbers:

3:57:55 – time it took to run 20 miles
20 – miles ran
16 – crazy stares I got from trainers and people working out
7 – times I realized how glad I was that I bought running capris
6 – pieces of gum chewed
4 – water bottles consumed
4 – times I had to reset the treadmill
3 – towels used to mop up my sweat
2 – times I repeated the running playlist on my iPod
2 – energy packets consumes, Accel Gels (LOVED the chocolate flavor) and Honey Stingers
1 – movie rented on iTunes to watch
1 – time I wanted to cry
1 – potty break

Last night I read a quote,

“Believe in yourself, know yourself, deny yourself, and be humble.” -John Treacy

and I made my goal for this run to be denying myself, denying my flesh, making it a complete mind over matter thing. Every time I wanted to stop, I reminded myself to deny my flesh. Deny the desires and thoughts telling me that I couldn’t  be successful and complete this run. And it worked! How amazing is it that we have the ability to press through every situation??

I hope you all have an AMAZING Saturday, whatever it is that you’re doing!!


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