when in doubt, shop it out

Earlier this week, I had been having quite a fiasco with marathon training.

So what’s a girl in trouble to do but shop?

  • Accel Gel, ShotBloks and Honey Stingers to experiment with on my long runs. Tomorrow I think I’ll be trying the Accel Gel and Stingers, with ShotBloks as extra in case I feel I need them

  • New running shoes! I was way past overdue for a new pair, and this is the third generation of this shoe that I have bought, the only shoe I have worn since running long distances. I took them on a test spin earlier this week and I was running on clouds…hopefully I can say they feel the same during my 20 miler tomorrow
  • I also bought this skirt. I used to think skirts for running were so lame, until after my 16 miler where my shorts were dripping in sweat, creating chub rub and riding right up into my lady parts. Rude, shorts, rude. This skirt has nice little spankies inside and I’m hoping it works as well as I am imagining. Good thing it will get here on time for my half marathon in Texas next weekend where I will hopefully not melt.
Now if only I was as good at shopping for real clothes as I am running clothes…

3 thoughts on “when in doubt, shop it out

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  2. You’re gonna look so cute in that skirt receiving your Athena Award! I love how the skirt’s website has a list of recommended activities for this sportswear that includes FLIRTING! Love it!

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