Kelsey: 1, Marathon Training: 8

Something is wrong with that equation, isn’t it?

I’m not going to lie, on Monday I started writing a pretty lame, weepy post. These past couple of weeks in training have super sucked. I have been fatigued, sore, unsocial, pretty lame as you can see. After the 18 miles this past Saturday I was cursing marathon training. Then on my 5 mile recovery run on Monday I was cursing marathon training even harder and it took a lot for me to not plop and cry in the middle of the sidewalk. Why was I training for a marathon again?

Essentially I was a hot mess.

After a couple of mopey days, I had sorts of an epiphany. My training plan what not working for me at all, I didn’t like and wasn’t happy. So I changed it. Here is what I did NOT like about it:

  • It originally called for running 6x a week. Who the $%# does that? Even though I scaled running back to 4x a week, I was still super fatigued and always sore.
  • There was no time in my life for friends. Or fun for that matter. Going to bed early on a Friday night does not spell F-U-N to me, not at all. It spells more like S-U-C-K
  • My long runs have been on Saturdays. I can think of a lot of things I would rather do on a Saturday than run for 4 hours. A. lot.
  • I have basically been a slave to this training plan and not loving it at all.
So after moping, crying, whining, and talking with some fabulous people. One lady in particular I met today, 1) could be my grandma 2) has run THIRTEEN marathons 3) qualified for Boston in ALL thirteen marathons!!!! 4) only runs 3 days a week.
After talking with her I was convinced! Time to make my training plan work for me. This is what the new plan will look like:
  • Only running 3 days a week, hallelujer! One long, one fast, one tempo.
  • After next weekend I will be moving as many long runs as I can to Thursdays. I have uneventful Wednesday nights anyways and go to bed at a decent time, and nothing really cool happens on Thursdays so I wouldn’t be thinking of 2398236 things I could be doing instead of running for 4 hours. Nope. I might even enjoy those long run Thursdays.
  • I will still run on Saturdays, but not all day Saturday. More like stuff under 10 miles, which I like. Less time running = more time funning. That’s a new word, FYI.
  • I will still be doing Zumba! And instead of run #4 for the week, I am dedicating 1 day to serious cross training which I have been completely neglecting.
  • My affair with the dreadmill shall be rejuvenated I have only ran on it twice in the past two months and am no longer going to ruin my life/legs by not running on it. I run faster on it and it’s flat. More distance, less sore, less time = win in my book.
Since I still have two months of this stuff left, I am going to enjoy it! Marathon training, you are not ruining my life.
Also, it better not rain on Saturday. I am running those 20 miles.

4 thoughts on “Kelsey: 1, Marathon Training: 8

  1. Your revisions sound so reasonable! I completed my first marathon in June and experienced a lot of the same downers! I wish I had had the confidence to alter my plan. In hindsight I can tell it would have been the right move. I totally think you’re on the right track (even if my knowlege of such things is limited)!

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