Marathon Training: Week 7

So if you have been reading my blog for anywhere in the past six weeks, you are probably used to my marathon training schedule by now. My plan had me running 4x a week but last week I had to take a step back and listen to my body, because it was talking.

I had been experiencing serious tightness in my muscles and total fatigue; not ideal for marathon training. I consulted with a favorite blogger/marathoner/personal trainer of mine and she gave me some ideas. So this week I am focusing on listening to my body, and will be have 3 for sure runs this week, and the fourth will be tentative if not replaced with cross training…which honestly might do more good for me than a run at this point. Here’s what the week has in store:

Today: 5 miles
Tuesday: Zumba. I love this day, favorite. workout. ever.
Wednesday: 5-7 miles OR cross training
Thursday: 5-7 miles OR cross training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 20 miles
Sunday: Lots of rest

I have found that the whole ‘not thinking about my long run until I actually have to run’ works really well for me. No stress, no fuss, whatever. All I know is that by the end of this week I’ll be a stronger runner than I am today!

For tomorrow: Confessions of a Girl Training For a Marathon


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