No Turning Back

IT finally happened. I officially registered for my fall races, including the marathon. Now I’ve gotta run it otherwise that would be a terrible waste of perfectly good money!

This is what my fall race calendar is looking like:

Sunday September 25th: Heels, Hills and Him Half Marathon, Irving, TX

This is my first race out of the KC metro area! I wanted to go visit my brother and family and figured it might do me some good to sign up for a race so I actually do my training run that weekend. This race series promotes fitness among women which I’m all about! When registering I was also given the option to register as an “Athena” runner, a category for women over 150lbs. I looked at previous Athena winners whose race times were very close to mine and I thought, “Heck YEAH I’ll be an Athena!!” and am excited that I stand a decent chance at winning a legit race award. I’ve never been happier to weigh over 150lbs.

Saturday October 15th: Waddell and Reed Kansas City Half Marathon, Kansas City, MO

This race holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first half marathon. I have several friends running it this year and I’m excited to treat this as another training run while getting to run with my friends and get a medal for it! Sometimes I wish I could get a medal after every training run.

Sunday November 20th: Williams Route 66 Marathon, Tulsa, OK

I registered and booked a hotel room for my first marathon! It’s a little more real to me now, but I’m not sure it will hit me that I’m running a marathon until I’m actually running it. This is where all the hard work will pay off and then I can spend the rest of Thanksgiving week laying on the couch convincing people to feed me turkey legs and pumpkin pie because I’ll be too sore to walk.

I am currently being tempted to run a race series next spring of three half marathons in four weeks. I have a feeling that I will be giving into this temptation very soon and will then qualify to be a half marathon fanatic. I’ll need to keep running if my only post-marathon plans involve turkey and pie. Let’s get through marathon training first.


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