Marathon Training: Week 6

Week 6 is upon us, friends and here is what it’s looking like:

Today: Ran 5 miles at race pace. It was supposed to be easy but I just settled where I was comfortable. This was followed by a 5 mile hike.  I’m really not just trying to make up lost mileage from last week.
Tuesday: Zumba!! I missed it last week and am so ready to shake my booty
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy
Thursday: Yasso 800’s of 800m x 2, 5 miles total
Friday: REST. I love rest
Saturday: 18 miles
Sunday: Rest

Weekly total: 32 miles

My goal for the week is to just do it and get through it! Starting this week on a good note with a great run this morning is helping my motivation!

What is a Yasso 800?

Let me explain what this is because I know it sounds silly. It’s a speed workout. The idea is to run 2 miles at an easy warm up pace, then you run 800 meters at your goal marathon pace (goal average mile time) divided by 2, since 800 meters is half of a mile. For example, if I wanted to average a 10 minute/mile pace at the marathon, I would do my 800’s in 5 minutes. Since in reality I just want to finish the marathon, I will probably be doing my 800’s at a 5:15-5:30 time. You do that for two miles, hence the 800m x4. Then do a cool down mile.

These workouts can be done on a track or a treadmill. I’ll probably do mine on a treadmill and pray that I don’t fall off. I will report back as to how that goes.

Did you do any laboring on this lovely labor day??


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