Confessions of a Runner: Part 2

I told you this was coming, feel free to read part one here. And no not all of these are related to running but I am a runner and these are my confessions so there.

1. As I promised, I finally bought a CamelBak this week and I am modeling it for you.

For just $49.99 you can also have 70oz of fluid compartment strapped to your back to keep you hydrated on long treks across the wilderness. I mean, long runs, rides, hikes, whatever you need hydration for.

2. If and when people make fun of me for looking like a geek for wearing such a thing, I will ask them if they will still make fun of me when they are dehydrated because they don’t have a CamelBak and ask me for a drink of water. I would still be nice and share, because it’s not polite to be rude.

3. So I didn’t actually run 6 miles on Wednesday like my training plan called for. I was feeling like junk and my body was like “No! No!” so I listened without getting down on myself or beating myself up, which was something I promised I wouldn’t do at the beginning of this rodeo. Stuff comes up, things happen and sometimes you  miss a run. I always had those 4 miles waiting for me on Thursday. Let me be honest, those 4 miles were complete junk. My calves cramped up on me super bad and I ran slower than usual.

4. College football starts tomorrow if you didn’t know. I really hope KU is better than last year. Which won’t take much.

Heaven forbid I have to find another team to watch.


Yes Kansas, I did just go there.

5. I am running 16 miles tomorrow. I haven’t thought about it, all I did was map out my run, buy the CamelBak and some more ShotBloks and that’s it. Not thinking about it, not stressing about it, not psyching myself out for it. I’m not even wearing my watch tomorrow to keep my pace. The goal is to get out there early and finish the 16 miles.

Sweet dreams my friends. As you are either a) home asleep b) eating donuts because it’s a Saturday or c) getting ready to watch your team win or lose at college football I will be thinking of you, because chances are that I will still be running.


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