Marathon Training: Week 5

Why yes, month one is officially COMPLETE and now it is onto month two/week five. This week will be…a challenge. A good challenge.

Today: 3 miles, easy. I took my dog with me to burn off some of her energy and she has done nothing but lay around all day. I would provide a terribly cute picture but had I interrupted her nap and laziness, I would also be responsible for occupying her until she ran out of energy again. Which would probably include another run. Not gonna happen.

Tuesday: I’m taking tomorrow as a rest day. Weather depending I’ll go on a walk but that will be the extent.
Wednesday: 6 miles, easy. I hope this happens.
Thursday: 4 miles, 2 miles at goal pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 16 miles
Sunday: Rest and hopefully not be sore.

Saturday will be a new PDR (personal distance record) and I will be thinking positive thoughts all week in preparation. I haven’t decided where I want this run to take place, and I also MUST buy that Camelbak this week. I’ll model it for you once I get it, you’re welcome.

This week’s long run is where it really amps up, and I’m trying to not think downer thoughts about these big bad miles. My long runs build up from 16 to 18, then 20 this month, then I am running a half marathon in Texas the last weekend of September. I’m actually just not going to think about it at all, just gonna do it.

I was encouraged yesterday when the pastor at my church was talking about dreams. Basically he said something like this:

If you can fathom, understand and make sense of your dreams, then you’re dreaming too small. Small dreams don’t take any faith.

I can’t fathom 26.2, I can’t even fathom 18 at this point, so it must mean that I’m doing something right with these big dreams.

What are you dreaming about?


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Week 5

  1. I hope your runs this week have gone well despite the heat. I got my camelbak not to long ago and LOVE it! I don’t know how I ever trained with a hand held or waist hydration pack on long runs. Good Luck with 16 this weekend. 16 miles was one of my toughest marathon training runs because I thought I could handle running it at 1/2 marathon pace. It seems like 3 miles is just a little bit further than 13.1, but I always forget that by mile 9-10 of a 1/2 I’m already exhausted. Take it slow, you can do it!

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