Take 10

Yesterday’s long run was a 10 miler that concluded my first month of marathon training! One down, three to go…ok let’s not think of it like that. It’s kind of depressing.

Let me be honest, this past week did a number on me. I think that adjusting to school and having to actually prioritize and manage my time more wisely took it’s toll.

I only wish this was true. I really have spent more time studying this past week than I probably ever did last semester which is TERRIBLE but possibly a positive indicator of a good semester for me ahead…possibly?

Between work, school, work and running come Friday I was feeling much like a zombie. Negative thoughts were already starting to invade my brain and get me unmotivated for my Saturday run of 10 miles, and then it hit me. IT. Something that has been a topic of discussion around a circle of friends for the past couple of weeks is the power of our minds. Undoubtedly I believe that we can convince ourselves of anything; we can talk ourselves in and out of whatever we want, we can think ourselves sick, we can think ourselves happy, we can think whatever we want and we will become those thoughts.

Just as soon as these negative thoughts came into my mind, I turned them around and started speaking positive things. “I AM going to have a great run tomorrow…I AM going to wake up on time for my run tomorrow, I WILL have plenty of energy for my run tomorrow…” this continued on for about 7 or 8 minutes, this positive self talk. Before I knew it, I had convinced myself into a positive state of mind and was very much looking forward to my run on Saturday. It can be hard to get motivated for stuff, especially when you are worn out and exhausted but it just takes a few words that can give you that empowerment you need. Don’t be afraid to inspire yourself when no one is there to do it for you.

What do you know, come 6am on Saturday morning I popped out of bed and was ready to get the morning rolling for my run! I wanted to make sure I fully enjoyed this run and savor it because it’s the shortest long run I’ll have for at least another month. I loved seeing other runners out on the trails; there is something incredibly encouraging when you see someone then see them again two hours later still running, giving each other thumbs up and high fives…knowing that you both are pushing yourselves to a goal, whatever that may be. I took this run to decompress and it was perfect.

On a completely unrelated note, I need to confess my newest problem and that would be self serve frozen yogurt. I would eat it every day if I could. Orange Leaf, Yogurtland or Yogurtini yes please. I dragged my lovely friend Kayla with me for the last excursion and she said she definitely was not going to get any froyo

Until I caught her sheepishly filling up a cup. No shame girl. It’s no shame because my froyo put her froyo to shame. I bet you could never guess which is mine. Neverrrrr.

I am not embarrassed. I am also not embarrassed to admit that I accidentally fell asleep by 10pm more than three times once this week. I feel a confessions post coming on.


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