Beep Beep!

This morning I experience a first for me as a runner. I had a collision with a car. While I was running. Yes…a car and I collided.

How does this happen? Well although I had a green light I still glanced to make sure the cars were stopped because there are always some crazies out there, but the coast was clear and I continued running, with the right away, across the crosswalk. All of a sudden, up rolls a car right through the crosswalk and HELLO.

I was on the hood of a lady’s car.

You see, she was clearly enjoying her McDonald’s breakfast so much that she was probably driving with her eyes closed and was too busy to pay attention to actually driving

Instead of uttering profanities and cursing at this woman

I was in a state of shock. Like an, “Oh my gosh what the heck just happened, did this really just happen?” and pushed myself up and when she yelled “Sorry!” I mustered out an, “Itsfineitsfine,” and just ran on.

The rest of my run I was mildly shaken but also reminded of how important RUNNER SAFETY is! If you are going to run (or drive) be SAFE! What did we learn today kids?

For the runners:

  • look out for crazy people who can’t drive
  • be aware of your surroundings
  • just because you have a green light doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look before crossing any street
  • anticipate and be prepared for anything!!!
  • make sure your mom is praying for you so that if you happen to have a collision with a vehicle you escape unscathed!
For the drivers:
  • look out for crazy runners
  • STOP when you are supposed to STOP
  • drive with your eyes open please
  • don’t drive past the crosswalk, it is there for a reason
  • don’t eat McDonald’s while driving…or ever for that matter
  • make sure your mom has said lots of prayers for you to be a good driver to avoid any casualties while on the road

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