Marathon Training: Week 4

Wow! I can’t believe I’m coming up on the end of the first month of marathon training! Though the early mornings are sometimes hard to get through, it has been much more enjoyable than I anticipated!

The first few weeks have been pretty kind to me, helping build my mileage and laying a solid base. I really enjoy the consistency that comes along with a training plan, which is part of the reason I think I’m able to get through this, some mornings more sore than others.

This past long run was a nice reminder that my training plan will not go as perfectly in real life as it does on paper (read: fatigue, frustration and rain) but I can’t consistently get down on myself if I’m not following training to a ‘T.’

Here is the plan for week 4:

Monday: 3 miles, done!
Tuesday: Zumba, my favorite workout of the week!
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy
Thursday: 4 miles, with 2 miles at goal marathon pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: Rest
Total: 21

This week is a recovery week which I will enjoy, and then next week we will be stepping it up a notch increasing my overall mileage and long run distance (16 miles!).

Things I am looking to improve upon during training:

  • Do more cross training and strength training. I know that I need this. My form has been suffering when I get fatigued during long runs and know that extra training will help. I’m thinking this will be incorporated on shorter run days
  • Invest in a Camelbak. This will be much needed on long runs and will help me out a ton. This past week I lost 5.5lbs in sweat during my run at 7 the week before which is NOT SAFE. This is more than 3% of my body weight which means I’m at a higher risk for dehydration.
  • Do a better job at pacing. My pace on this last long run was too fast which left me sore after 11 miles, basically I need to slow down. And we thought I was slow before.
  • Spend more time stretching and foam rolling. I have been super slacking on this lately. Why stretch before bed when you can just curl up and go to sleep? Oh that’s right because it helps your muscles.

If you haven’t had enough posts about running, I will be writing more posts about running this week. Don’t worry. For those of you who don’t run, I will be posting photos of things I am baking this weekend because someone has the baking bug.


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