Where I Have Been

Not blogging, obviously. This is what’s up:

  1. Working…a lot. Booooo.
  2. Not being lame on Friday night blogging from home. This Friday night was spent at a favorite local hangout loading up on salad and watching the Chiefs lose. Hopefully this isn’t a preview of the season to come, they better just be getting all the bad games out of the way now.
  3. Only running 11 miles on Saturday instead of 14**
  4. Eating all of my vegetables.

and everyone else’s

This is the best problem I’ve had in a long time. My latest obsession would be one of those salads you see me about to mow down in the above photo. I call them my ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ salads and that one contains: romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, hard boiled egg, chicken, onion, roasted mushrooms and cottage cheese on top. Popcorn is also my current #2 favorite food. I may need to be checked into rehab.

Now it is time to explain the ***. And here it goes.

Saturday I had a nice 14 mile escapade on the training plan. This week I didn’t follow my mileage exactly and plugged in a few extra miles here and there a couple of days. I had also been unusually tired and was building a close relationship with allergies this past week. Come Saturday morning when I wake up to go running, I hear thunder and rain which is an immediate justification to go back to bed. Especially when it is still dark outside. I reset my alarm and my body enjoyed a much needed extra hour and a half or so of sleep. When I woke up the second time, the rain was gone but clouds were still lingering, but there was NO WAY ON EARTH I was about to/wanting to/entertaining the idea of plugging away 14 miles on a treadmill. would go insane. So up I went, out to the trails to run and be done.

Conveniently, the road I take to get to said trails was closed. I thought it was surely a sign from God that I should postpone my long run until Sunday when there was going to be no rain. But who was I kidding. I just needed to get the run out of the way. I didn’t feel good, I was tired, grumpy, and most certainly not in the mindset I needed. When I finally started running, I didn’t have the rhythm and pace I did last week. I couldn’t seem to slow down which I figured might have been a good thing because I was trying to avoid rain. Eventually I got out of my mind, stopped thinking, and was just running. 6 miles flew by until I heard a couple of big booms followed by police sirens and then I really started to fly. The run was slightly eerie because there were hardly any people out running/walking/riding and I wanted to be done.

My first loop was 8 miles then I stopped to refill my water supply. I checked the map on my phone because I really just wanted to be done running and call it a morning. It looked as though the rain would hold out a little bit longer and I asked myself one of my favorite running quotes, “Ask yourself, can i give more? The answer is: always.” So I took a minute to regroup and knew I had it in my legs to get this run into the double digits. My mind just had to come along for the ride, and become stronger because of it. I promised myself a solid 3 miles and that I would not get down on myself.

I’m so glad I went out for those three miles. I needed to be mentally pushed, and after the first mile I hear someone coming up behind me and it’s a petite lady probably in her late 40’s telling me that I had great legs. I laughed and complimented her on her form; she is training for her first half marathon in October and enjoys running alone much like I do. Her pace was slightly faster than mine which was a nice little boost to rocket me through the end, and we eventually parted ways. This runner camaraderie always brings a smile to my face, and as I was closing in on the end of my run, it started to rain. It was perfect. It was like God saying, “Good job Kelsey, now go rest.” And thus I had peace with shortening my long run this week.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend friends and I cannot go this long without blogging again! Thank you for listening to my crazy running rants and raves.



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