super cool Friday night

It’s Friday night. What are you doing?

I have been busy doing nothing getting ready for 13 glorious miles in the morning.

Here is my long run checklist:

  • Make sure running clothes don’t stink
  • Have water bottles cleaned and ready to go
  • Know what route I’m going to run. This is important because I have a track record of getting lost and tacking on a few extra unnecessary miles.
  • Pack Shot Bloks…depending on how I feel during my run tomorrow I may or may not be giving these bad boys a test to see if I might like them for mid-long run fuel
  • Since I’m running on the trails tomorrow, make sure bag is packed with sunglasses, change of clothes, sandals, and towels for after the run. Because I sweat a lot.
  • Set multiple alarms to ensure I am up and out the door as early as possible. Multiple=10+ and I am not kidding you. Thank you iPhone for having like 17 different annoying ring tones for me to set as alarms.
  • Make sure post race beverage of choice is chilled and ready for the morning
  • Say a prayer that run goes as I hope it does in the morning. Read: not terrible.

I hope you’re having a better Friday night than I. Goodnight friends.


3 thoughts on “super cool Friday night

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