Marathon Training: Week 2

Week 1 of marathon training came, gave me a friendly ‘hello,’ and was gone just like that. Thankfully the long run on the treadmill only left me slightly sore in my quadriceps and surprisingly my eyes are still working after being burned from the longest bra infomercial that ever existed.

Some people think that running on a treadmill doesn’t make you a real runner. My personal philosophy is, “If you run…whether it be down the street or an ultra marathon, you are a runner.” No one should be able to judge a person’s running-ness based on anything; you’re running? You’re a runner. And if someone is judging people based on where/how far/how fast they’re running, I believe that makes them less of a runner than anything and also quite rude.

I’m sorry, but I had to get that off of my chest. I have read some blogs that will go unnamed and the bloggers are not very nice and write posts about how a person at the gym was running in un-ideal running shoes and a cotton t-shirt.  Find something better to blog about, people. I would rather hear about your mile on mile splits and what you ate for breakfast than read about you ragging on someone for what they’re wearing.

ANYWAYS…onto week numero dos of I’ve hopped the crazy train marathon training. This week is still pretty easy…it’s like my training plan is allowing me to get my toes wet before it pushes me off the high dive when I’m not ready, so kind.

Monday: 4 miles, easy
Tuesday: ZUMBA!! Plus pumping some iron
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 12 miles and potentially an ice bath. Potentially.

Total: 25 miles and savoring the month of having weekly mileage under 30 miles


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