A (Kind of) Long Run

So many posts about running lately…because that’s about as interesting as my life is right now. Those of you who are runners or distance athletes crazies might know what I mean by having a certain thought process that you go through before completing or competing in a certain event. This was my first ‘long run’ of the marathon training plan, 10 miles. Been there, run that. But if you recall, I was a little nervous  as to how I would mentally get through the run, because for me running is about 88.3% mental and the rest of the percent is physical. Here’s a look inside my brain:

Friday night

9pm: Wow I am so lame. I can’t believe I’m at home switching channels between the Royal’s losing and Shark Week. These are my Friday nights for the next four months. Ughhhhh.


10:30pm: Welp, guess I might as well get in bed now and try to go to sleep. The earlier I get this run out of the way the better, right? Let me check the forecast. Oh, 80 degrees with a chance of storms and a boatload of humidity in the morning? I hope the people at the gym won’t mind if I hog a treadmill for two hours in the morn…zzzzz

Saturday Morning

6am: Fif…teen…more….min…utes….must….zzzzz

6:15am: Must…get….out….of….zzzz

6:30am: What’s the temperature again? 80? With 90% humidity? I better get to the gym before people show up and actually witness me running ten miles on a treadmill.

Burn toast, shovel grapes into mouth, guzzle water, brush teeth, barely tie my shoes and get out the door. 

7:18am: Hmm…which treadmill…I hope people don’t think I’m crazy for lugging around two bottles of water and three towels, psh who cares what they think.

Mile 1: Crap. Do I remember how to breathe when I run? I hate that I can see myself in a mirror. I thought I picked a treadmill where I couldn’t see myself. That guy over on the elliptical is pretty cute.

Mile 2: Gosh I can’t believe I’m already sweating this much. This is not a good sign of things to come. Why does this pace not feel comfortable? Am I still breathing? You’re almost 1/5th of the way finished! That’s a terrible way of thinking about this run, scratch that.

Mile 3: Hmm what’s on the TVs? ESPN looks good, too bad I have to crane my neck to see it. MSNBC? (Good time to catch up on my current events). Hey I’m still breathing, this might not be so bad after all.

Mile 4: I hope these old ladies next to me don’t mind my sweat, and my music is probably too loud, can they hear me breathing too? Sorry old ladies. Man, that lady over on the elliptical looks BORED. She’s been here since before I got here. She looks really bored.

Mile 5: Finally, a good song on my iPod…I need to work on my playlist making skills. Woah hey there I’m about halfway through, I finished more than I have left to do…yessss!

Scurry to get the treadmill reset to not miss precious time I could be spending running.

Mile 6: Guy in bright yellow shirt gets on treadmill next to me. Why did he pick that one? Can’t he see my sweat is clearly about to splash on him? I am disgusting. Another pair of old ladies get on the treadmills on my other side. I really hope I’m not offending anyone with my profuse sweating, inconsistent breathing and loud music.

Mile 7: Look at that lady still going strong and looking like she’s about to fall asleep on the elliptical!! Are you even sweating? No? Oh that’s ok, I’m sweating enough for like 8 people. Must…hydrate…guzzle water. Ow, too fast. Side cramp. So glad I’m not doing this run outside.

Mile 8: Why has the same bra infomercial been on for the past two miles? Why am I watching it? Why are there guys on the machines in front of my right in front of the TV watching this bra infomercial? This is offensive. Why are they showing this at a gym? It’s not even that early in the morning anymore. That bra would do absolutely nothing for me at all.

Mile 9: Hey look I’m almost done woohoo and I can’t feel my legs anymore! So this is when all the handsome fellas hang out at the gym, and some of them are even running. That trainer walked by over an hour ago. He probably thinks I’m nuts. Oh wait, I am. Still sweating. This is disgusting….as I held a towel underneath my tank top to literally ring out the sweat from it because it was drenched. I hope no one saw that.


Mile 10: I can’t believe this bra infomercial is still on. My legs are sweating. Are you kidding me. HEY LOOK AT THAT I’M ALMOST DONE! Let’s finish this one out good!

9:26am: Legs please don’t fail me now.What? Are you serious…there is sweat dripping from my shorts? Oh yeah that serious. So glad that’s done, 1 down, 15 to go, and it didn’t even take two hours.

The 10.25 glorious miles took me 1:46:53 which was better than I anticipated. You might think I’m ADHD from this post, but that long a treadmill would do that to any half sane person. I am just thankful for my two legs and having access to a gym to run at versus having to run outside in a sauna.

Happy weekend y’all.


6 thoughts on “A (Kind of) Long Run

    • I’m pretty sure that the heavens were excited to see you out for a run. And the ‘water feature’ totally gives away that you were running in the ‘burbs. Heh.

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