Confessions of a Runner: Part 1

1. I haven’t done a long long run in over a month. Saturday will just be 10 miles, and I know that once it’s done I’ll be feeling better, but I just hope I remember what it takes to run that length of time.

2. I am considering doing said 10 miles inside on the treadmill. I think it’s projected to be about 76 with who knows what humidity which means by the time I actually start running it will be well into the 80’s.

3. I have never ever ever used GU’s, Chomps, Shot Bloks  or any other type of supplement for running. All I ate on my 15-miler earlier this summer was an orange that I strategically packed. Even when running my past three half marathons, I made it through the runs on water and ice. This is redonk but I am nervous about using any of these for the first time! I don’t know what I’m going to like, how they’re going to go down or if they will even help me on my runs! There is obviously only one way to find out…looks like I’ll be doing some experimenting come those loooong runs next month!


4. I do not run fast. I remember the first time I held a sub 9-minute mile for more than a mile and immediately texted my best friend because I was so excited. Last month I finally ran my first sub-30 minute 5k. See, not fast. Some runners joke that they run slower so they get their money’s worth out of what they pay for races…I like that joke. In case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, I typically hold my pace for long runs around a 10:10-10:30 mile. It’s sustainable for 12+ miles and I also don’t die.

5. I would rather run forever and run slow, than only run for 30 minutes and run fast. I don’t know why, or what is wrong with me, but 5ks are ok and enjoyable, I absolutely don’t like 10k’s because I think they are just an awkward distance, but love half marathons…for now anyways. A marathon is like a big scary monster to me right now.

6. I sweat a lot. I told you these were confessions.

7. For the first time in my entire life, I got pooped on by a bird. While I was running. Like not walking to take a break, but legitimately running. It scared me at first and I was super grossed out, but then just started cracking up because it was so funny.

8. These are the kind of posts I think up while running.

PS It’s almost Friday!! Which means it’s almost the weekend! Which means it’s almost long run Saturday! This is my life.

What fun things are you doing this weekend?!


10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Runner: Part 1

  1. Are these gateway drugs to steroids?? What happend to “don’t put anything into my body that didn’t walk, swim or grow”? What, are these like caffeine energy boosts? Nodoze for runners?? Can’t you just pretend you’re doing two Half marathons and take an intermission?! Obvioulsy, I have no clue as to anything I’m talking about, just an extra over-protective aunt since that man DIED from the Warrior Dash he did the same day you did it. Oy!

      • Yeah Bridge, a guy who was 28 and in one of the waves later than us on Saturday had complications with heat stroke and passed away late on Monday night, it’s sad/scary stuff. Organizers of the Ruckus Run (which is like a Warrior Dash but harder) rescheduled it from this weekend to November to avoid like circumstances.

        This also reminds me why I picked a marathon in November…definitely no excessive heat warnings to deal with! I probably will try the JBs for one of my long runs coming up, the week after next is 14 miles, that will be my first ‘test’ run for supplements! How many JBs do you eat? Knowing me I would take a whole bag and get so consumed with picking out which ones I want that I would stop running and forget why I needed JBs in the first place…

    • The last thing runners need are cycles of ‘roids 😉 you can buy any of these products at Dick’s, Sports Authority, Target, etc. and they usually give them out at race expos too. Just some sugar to provide calories while busy doing other things…like running 20 miles! I definitely stay smart with my training to avoid near death occurrences!

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