For Stimulock: What do I eat when I’m finished?

This is a follow up to questions I have received as far as what to eat when you’re completely finished locking in with Stimulock.

For me personally, this one was hard and has been a big, long learning experience. Those of you who have or are currently going through the weight loss program know that what you eat is full of natural, fresh, healthy foods. When I finished locking in, it was difficult to even wrap my mind around the fact that ‘Yes, I can eat whatever I want.” For once I could actually ask myself, “Well…what do I want to eat?” Through trail and error, I learned.

I had to learn what my body can and cannot handle, and also did some evaluation of my personal food philosophy along with self education of food and the processes it takes to produce food, whether in a factory, bakery or farm. For sake of staying on track, I am going to share with you what I have learned about my body since Stimulock.

  • I don’t eat red meat or pork, and didn’t even before Stimulock. There is really no ethical point behind this, except for the fact that I just have a really hard time digesting either of the two and have lost the taste for both since I have been without for so long.
  • My body is sensitive to any food containing wheat, flour, oats, etc. I am aware that I may have some sort of gluten intolerance but I don’t really crave these foods so I try to stay away from them for the most part.
  • I still don’t use oils or fats to cook with because they are not necessary for me to prepare the foods I make. I won’t not eat something if it is cooked with oil, but it’s just not a staple in my cooking.
  • High protein, low fat, lots of vegetables and fruits is what I have found works best for fueling my body and maintaining my weight.
  • When I do ‘overindulge’ on a weekend, I start the week off with a recovery day to help the bloating and inflammation go down and eat as healthy as possible
  • I am learning to not completely restrict myself, if there is something I want to eat, I will eat it and enjoy it. Remember Seattle?
Most importantly, you have to recognize what works best for your body and what it wants and needs. I know some people who have finished Stimulock and can eat whatever they want, but know when to stop, and not gain a pound. That’s not the case for me, obviously, but I like it that way. I enjoy eating the way that I do, and some people may never understand how I can eat vegetables at any hour of the day and consider air popped popcorn an indulgent treat. It’s what works for me.
Get to know your body, respect your body and take care of it; it’s the only one you’ve got!

One thought on “For Stimulock: What do I eat when I’m finished?

  1. All things in balance and moderation. Trusting your body to tell you and know what it needs when. Bottom line is that GOOD FOOD make you FEEL GOOD. There is no diet or nutrition plan that allows you to eat junk and feel great. That’s just reality. But through Stimulock you get a great cleanse, train yourself how to listen to and trust your body, and gain tools to fuel your body properly so you can feel great and maintain your weight loss.

    Thanks again Kelsey for sharing your experiences with us.
    Karey Jones, Stimulock Practitioner

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