For Stimulock: What to eat on your loading days

This post is dedicated to those of you who have purchased the Stimulock drops (and those of you still curious) and are wondering what to eat during your first two ‘loading days.’ I noticed that the blog had been getting a lot of traffic from search engines inquiring what to eat the first two days on and the first two days off of the program, so here is part one.

*Note: these practices are specific to the Stimulock System and are entirely ineffective without the purchase and use of the drops. For more information on getting started with Stimulock click here.

If you were following my blog back in January, you may recall that I documented my Stimulock journey including my loading days. You can see what I ate while loading here and here.


Go for it.


They’re all yours.

Ice cream?

Eat that too.

BBQ, Chipotle, pasta, brownies, cookies…? Eat all of it! Seriously. It surprises most people that they are encouraged to eat like this on the first two days of a ‘diet,’ which is nothing like any popular diet you’ll see advertised elsewhere. Yet Stimulock works for those who follow it from day one through the maintenance phase. I am proof!

This step is vital in the Stimulock System and will help you be well on your way to begin the weight loss phase. Happy loading!


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