100th post!


This marks my 100th post on faith/food/fitness! You can take a look at my first blog here.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for over a year, just like it’s hard to believe I’ve been running for a year and a half. Someone referred to me as a ‘seasoned runner’ the other day and I kind of laughed in my head, “Ha…me? Seasoned runner? Like salt and pepper? Are you saying I have gray hair….wait, what?”

Crazy how time flies! Like I have big dreams for running, I also have big dreams for blogging, but those blog dreams are top secret and for you to find out eventually 😉

Thank you all for you kind words and prayers when I was sick; I literally didn’t leave bed for three days but am glad that I took the time to rest so I could be healthy to set a new 5k PR yesterday! A couple of gal pals and I got our Rears in Gear for a 5k supporting colon cancer. We ran in memory of Stephanie’s mom who is currently battling

I also wanted to make this race a priority for personal reasons which I will not disclose.

We expected it to be hot an humid, as most other  midwest July day, but instead were greeted with a fresh, not hot morning (I think the 7am start time helped with this). I was honestly not anticipating to do really well in this run because I had been sick and I had also only ran once this week, a 5 mile speed workout on Tuesday. The rolling hills on the race course also caused me some doubt to boot.

Despite all of this, I accredit Stephanie for pushing me (without even knowing it) to run the best I could, and finish a goal I have wanted to attain for so long; finish a 5k sub-30 minutes! Done!

The clock read 29:19 as I crossed the finish line of my 15th race!

Thank you readers, for sticking with me through 100 posts, many adventures and 15 races…I hope you stick around for the next 100…of each 😉 I love you guys.

Have an amazing Sunday!


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