temporarily sidelined

Will you please tell me who manages to maintain a fever for two days in the middle of summer. This girl right here.

I have a feeling that it may be the result of my schedule having looked like this for a while: work-running-pool-work-staying up late-work-running-pool. I guess that catches up to you eventually, and I’m not invincible? Dang.

I feel like I got my butt handed to me. Body aches worse than after running a half marathon…what’s up with that, illness?? This is providing time for me to rest and blog, obviously. And entertain the idea of how much better I would feel if I had some animal crackers.

Or if I could go for a run. I reallllly want to go for a run, and the body is saying “Woman, you are crazay!” So I am listening. I am also registered to run a 5k on Saturday…that I really want to be able to run. Hopefully all this rest will do me some good. I’m going back to bed.



At least my sense of humor will keep me company.


I hope that you are having a happy and healthy Thursday 🙂


2 thoughts on “temporarily sidelined

  1. My poor baby! So, you’ve caught the dreaded summer HannahMontanaFlu, oh no! You’re yinnin when you should be yangin 😦 Rest rest rest and I’ll make sure you get some animal quackers. xoxo

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