Expo Day

Thank you for the humidity, Kansas, I really appreciate it.

Which made my run especially sticky this morning

I had to take my new race shorts out for a test drive though, before I actually wear them for the half marathon on Saturday

Yes they are neon green. And yes, they held up well so I will be sporting them Saturday.

Why did I choose to put myself through such embarrassment? Because my mom complains that she can’t find me during races, so I purchased a terribly obnoxious ‘race outfit’ that is solely for the purpose of my mother being able to spot me during races. It includes those neon green shorts and this tank top which you may recall is from my She Runs LA adventure

because the pink tank top matches the pink stripes on the shorts. I don’t think anyone will have trouble seeing me on Saturday, that’s for sure. I’ll be the watermelon-looking girl.

This afternoon was spent at the race expo and let me say, this was the best race expo I’ve been to so far

There were tons of friendly people, great booths and a smooth packet pickup. Every runner’s dream. Expos and packet pickups always are the icing on the cake in getting me ready for race day.

Especially when awesome race shirts are involved

I also stumbled into the booth by Team 413 which uses running as a ministry outreach, and I had to pick up a shirt from their display

I can’t wait to wear either of these!

Saturday will be my fourth race in four weeks and let me tell you, I am ready. I have spent all of 2011 thus far training for some sort of race; January-March I was working towards Rock the Parkway and since March I have been committed to this Hospital Hill Half Marathon. I have had my ups and downs of training, long runs, speed work and hills that made me feel as though I was within an inch of my life. But I’m ready…is it Saturday yet?!

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you something unique that I’ll be doing for my mental race strategy this time around…keep your eyes peeled!


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