I got sauced

Yep, you heard it right. Kelsey got sauced, and let me tell you…it was saucy.

It all started on Friday when I got an uncanny craving…for barbecue. Barbecue? Like the slow smoked meat, slathered in sauce, please-don’t-tell-me-the-nutrition-facts-because-that-will-ruin-my-night…barbecue?

Yes. Barbecue. I can tell you that it has been over four years since I have feasted on barbecue. Why so long? Let me give you a backstory. When I began losing weight, I avoided anything that may have been remotely unhealthy for fear of gaining a single pound back. This avoidance of certain foods began a long list of what I refer to as my ‘fear foods.’ It’s not that I wouldn’t love to sink my teeth into a burger on occasion, but due to fear of gaining weight, I wouldn’t allow myself a lot of different food, and barbecue was one of them.

After learning how to eat properly, listen to my body (with the help of Stimulock) and also coming to the realization that indulgences are good in moderation…I got down and dirty.

What kind of Kansas Citian am I to have never been to Gates BBQ? Well as of last night, I am a more quality member of the community.

(I am also sorry that my picture quality is sub-par, they were all via the iPhone.)

The pressure! What did I want?!

If you are a shy, quiet or judgmental person then don’t go to Gates. You better be ready to shout to that lady what you want to eat from halfway across the restaurant. “Don’t be insecure girl, own that order…work.that.san.wich!” Then I just stood in amazement and smiles admiring the way things work there…I wish I could yell that loud.

This is Kansas City.

I didn’t realize this sandwich was the size of my head until I saw this picture. Burnt ends on bun, baby. It was so good that I was convinced the rapture had happened and I was in heaven at the pearly gates themselves.

Later into the evening I was wishing that the rapture would happen so that I would be relieved of serious indigestion.


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